Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Loves

Happy Wednesday, friends!
I hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am. Its going to be another busy one for our house, but at least I get to spend it with the love of my life. Speaking of love, I have so many things that I just love, from my hubby and kiddos, to the way the moon shines at night. And so, today I am going to share just a few of those loves! I will also be linking up with the beautiful Krystinia @ Lollipops for her What I Love Wednesday link party.

I love...

my big mister and my little mister.

My beautiful little terror. 
Thanks to my beautiful cousin, Kaitlyn for capturing this.

This dress from eShakti.

These nails from Pshiiit.

This tattoo from Bastien Jean.

What do you love today?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Blog! Check it out!

Hey friends! Long time no see! I am so sorry that i haven't been around! I am still trying to get used to being a SAHM. It is definitely a dream come true, but takes some getting used to. Anyway, I have decided that it is time for a fresh start! And so I started a new blog! I am going to scrap this one and blog from the other one! So please, follow me over there. I really hope to see you there!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tunes for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends!
I hope today finds you all well and ready to dance. 
Most of my friends know that when it comes to music I am all over the place. I love a little of this and a little of that. Its quite entertaining to scroll through my playlist.  
Today's tunes were inspired by my drive home from town yesterday. As I pulled into my driveway Backstreet Boys came on the radio! I sat in my driveway with my windows down, radio up, and sang at the top of my lungs with they boys. Goodness, it reminds me of my teens and how much I loved them. haha. 

So today I compiled a couple of new pop songs that I am currently enjoying with many songs from the past. So turn up the tunes and get ready to shake what your mama gave you!

If you would like to join me in the fun, make a playlist and let me know. I'd love to hear what you are listening to today!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mani Monday

Hello lovelies,
Today I am joining  Heather Dawn from Just Things and Heather at Glitter & Gloss for their first Monday of Mani Monday!!  I love color. I love taking the little bit of time to make my nails look nice,but that time is hard to come by sometimes. I am bound and determined to take that little time for myself and give myself a nice little mani once a week and possibly more.

Aren't they lovely?
I absolutely love the houndstooth.
Love them?
Do you want to know how to get them?
Sure you do! Its so easy. They are pretty much stickers. haha.
My beautiful friend Crystal introduced me to these amazing nail shields that last up to 2 weeks on your nails or 4 weeks+ on your toes. 
They are Jamberry Nails and I absolutely love them.
They take no time at all and there is no wet polish to wait for. 
So they are great for me.  
Plus, there are tons of designs. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I still love to paint my nails and I still buy tons of polish; but when you are in the middle of painting your nails and the baby starts screaming you realize that wet polish plus an infant does not mix. 

Want to join in on the fun?
Click the button below!

I hope that you all have a fantastic Monday!
Lots of love,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dream come true!


Oh boy, I can't believe that it has been this long since I last wrote. I apologize! Life has definitely carried me away, but I am bound and determined to come back to this. I have started so many blog entries, but half way through I would grow apathetic and scrap it.  

So you might want to know what has changed, right? Well, so much has changed! My last post was talking about a certain employment opportunity that I was waiting to hear from. It was such a long wait, but I did end up getting the job. It was about the beginning of February when I got the job, then at the end of February I was put on bed rest because of high blood pressures while I was pregnant with my son. 

Bed rest was awful! I was restless and bored most of the time. I tried to keep myself busy, but I grew indifferent with most things. Then, March 10th came along and everything changed! My baby boy was born! And boy was he a surprise. His whole entry into the world was a surprise, but I will share that at a later date. 

My little prince charming.
Meet Emery Roberto.

The last six weeks have been fantastic. We all have truly been blessed. Throughout the last 6 weeks I  battled with the idea of going back to work. I really wanted to because I really did enjoy my job, but I didn't want to miss any moments with my son and daughter. Plus, the idea of someone else raising my family was awful! So, after much debating with myself, I resigned from the hospital and I am now a SAHM. YAY! Its so fantastic! I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

Now that I have filled you in with some of the changes, I'd love to know what's new with you!

So please tell me what's new!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ring, ring!


Its been 3 weeks now and I have yet to hear back from the hospital about the first job I interviewed for.
Last night, I popped down to see one of the ladies that I hopefully would be working with (if I get the job) to see how the hunt was going and she said the last she heard there were still more interviews being done. 
She also said that her boss- the one who interviewed me- said that she had one girl that was interested in midnights. And who might have said that? ME! 
So I'm still patiently waiting by the phone. 
I really hope to hear something soon.
I'm not sure what to do.
Don't call.
Don't call.

Also, its been a week since I interviewed for different position in the hospital. 
I am not so impatient about hearing back because the person I interviewed with told me they would let me know no matter what.
So that makes me feel a bit more comfortable.

I absolutely hate this waiting game. 
Its no fun. 

Please keep those fingers crossed and those prayers coming my way because the hubs and I really could use this.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kindle Love (Kindle case tutorial)

Hello lovelies!
I hope everyone had a fantastic start to their New Year!!! I cannot believe that its 2012!! Ahh! I hope that this year brings so many great things to each and everyone of you.  I know I am pretty excited about this year! only 10 weeks until my little man is born! I can't believe it.
So this Christmas the hubs surprised me with the Kindle Fire! I absolutely love it! You really can't get me to put it down. The first thing I decided that I needed was a case for it so that I could keep it nice and safe! I surfed around the net looking for the perfect case, but none really caught my eye ( the price and styles just weren't me.) So then I decided that I'd try my hand at making one. I surfed around for a tutorial and stumbled upon this  simple but effective one from Sohl Design. (However, I found this tutorial after my first attempt and fail at making my own pattern.) Sewing is definitely not my strong suit. haha. But I am pretty happy with my finished project.

Not too bad, right?
I am still missing the velcro to keep the flap shut, but I will get that later today.
I am just so excited about it!

What have you been up to?
Do you have any suggestions for any great reads? 
I'm about done with all the books I bought last week. Eek! 
I am a book worm!

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