Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Doesn't this kitten just melt your heart? I totally want one. i wonder if Evangelina can talk the hubs into letting us get one.
  • Its 4:30am and I would much rather be curled up in bed catching some more Z's than up and getting ready for work! This is ridiculous! 
  • I had some really weird/awful dreams last night. Some doctor was trying to kill me. Eek. What's that mean in dreamology? (I don't know if that's what the study of dreams is called, but it works for me.)
  • Boy, I want that kitten! I keep looking at it and my heart just melts a bit more every time.
  • 12 hours of work is going to feel like eternity. What the heck am i going to do with 12 hours of work today?
  • I wish I liked coffee because I could totally use some caffeine right now. 
  • I absolutely can't stand when i go to bed sweating and I wake up freezing. Okay, well I did go to bed chilly last night, woke up half way through sweating and then this morning I wake up to a freezing house. I had to turn the heat back on so that I wouldn't freeze my hoo-ha off while showering.
  • I finally started my period and let me tell you...its killer this time. I mean the cramps aren't so so horrible. Its the fatigue that's messing me up. Yesterday, I could barely stay awake. I hope that today isn't like that. 
  • My stupid blow dryer doesn't blow hot air anymore. Its so annoying. So now I freeze while I blow dry my hair. Not to mention, it takes double the time to dry my mop now. Thankfully, I let my hair air dry most of the time, but today I don't have enough time to do that. 
  • Okay, this kitten is too cute for words. I want it so bad.
  • I have been a major slacker on the blog scene lately. Its really because I have been extremely exhausted lately. I promise to come back and catch up soon! And I will be a comment queen! unfortunately, I can't do that today because of the 12 hour shift. Unless, I sneak some blog reading in there. Hmm...who knows.
  • I am eligible for a phone up grade on June 3rd. Eek! I can't wait! Unfortunately, that is 2 days after my birthday! Ahh. I wonder if they will bump it up to June 1st? hmm. I really want the I-phone, but I'm still deciding between that or an Android. Which should I get?
  • All the girls at work play Words With Friends and I am a huge scrabble fan, so I can't wait to take part in the fun! 
  • I hope work goes by quickly today. 12 hours just feels like a lifetime! 
Happy Thursday Friends!!


Ms. Megan said...

That kitten is TOO cute!!! I hate cramps/fatigue/my period!! and I am so sorry that your brow dryer is on the fritz!!! Oh, and I hate going to bed hot and waking up freezing too!!! I usually go to bed with a sweater on and when I wake up in the morning it's off. I never recall doing this!! So weird! lol.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love these. My dreams have been crazy weird too. Dreams are sometimes sooooo very strange.

Ashley said...

Hope your day goes quickly, pretty lady! So glad we were able to catch up yesterday. And I hope the cramps ease up today!

Amylou said...

been missing you aroung here! Hope things slow down for you soon friend. =)

Slidecutter said...

Love that Kitten!

I'm tired of freezing too; keep wishing that thing called Spring would show up here in NY!

As far as your dream, well, it's not as ominous as it sounds; might mean that change is happening in your life, even without you knowing it.

But that kitten...precious!


Chrissy said...

Ha, love those kinda really never know where your sub-conscious gets that crap from! Cute kitty - try to convince your hubby, I am so glad we got ours!
I ahve been mostly abscent around bloggy world lately as well, becasue thaty book fair was sucking the life out of me! And now, I feel like I am coming down with something...great!!
Hope your shift won't be too bad! Miss ya! Hugs xxx

Gwiddle said...

Oh my goodness that kitty is too adorable! I can't stop thinking about kittens now too! Good thing I am dealthy allergic or else I would be begging my hubs for one! Ugh starting a period for the first time in a while can be rough! I hope you get feeling better pretty girl! Sorry I have been kind of MIA in everything lately. I hope to get you my feature asap! I have just been super sick, and it took a lot out of me. BUT I am catching up on things! Have a lovely weekend pretty girl!

Ashley said...

you work 12 hours straight? That is a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

I ♥ your blog! Keep smilin'!

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