Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's up hair?

Just a quickie before I head to work today.
Am I the only one that thinks their hair has somehow became possessed while they are sleeping and gone completely insane (like rave party, insane?) When I woke up this morning it was like the bed hair monster decided to make me his most amazing masterpiece. I absolutely cannot stand to wake up with crazy hair! (That's why I normally shower in the AM rather than the PM like I did last night.) Thankfully, I was awake enough to tame it with a curling iron, a flat iron, and a lot of hairspray! Phew! It was rough one there for a bit. I thought I might have to shave it off....or just re-shampoo and condition, but then you have to add in the whole blow drying part and I just didn't want to put that much effort into it. haha.
Why couldn't I just wake up and it be perfect?!?!?! Darn you movies and your obscure hairality! (reality+hair= hairality. -yeah its definitely way too early.) 

BTW...I think this year I am going to get my hubs to dress up with me for Halloween...and I think I am going to go as one of the Jersey Shore girls. I think it would be fun. Maybe I can get someone to give me an orange spray tan. (please note, that if you are from New Jersey I don't have anything against you. I just think that the Jersey Shore show is quite funny and I question if some of the people have inhaled too much aerosol hairspray.)

Have a wonderful Sunday lovelies! Please, think of me while I am at work making some money for my honeys and you are at home relaxing with loved ones on a wonderful lazy Sunday! :D (I am just a tad jealous! haha)


O. said...

my hair always looks like that, these days i'm just to lazy to deal with it so it goes back into a hair band.

Brittany said...

I was going to be snooki for halloween but decided it wasnt appropriate for trick or treating with Aidyn :) lol

but you should totaly do it!

Hope you're having a good sunday too!

amylou said...

my hair is nuts in the morning! Always have to shower in the AM or just re wet my hair and re-blow dry it. UGH! I wish I had awesome hair!

Vic said...

i can def. tell u i'm not dressing up as any of them....btw i can't stand sammy...but anywho...the hair is a HOT's crazy for sure...which is why i've been pulling it up...ahhhhh thick curly hair....thank you mother!

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