Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleep deprived chaos.

Sleep deprivation + a grumpy two year old + a trip to Wal-Mart = A chaotic mess.

I think that I am more tired now than I was when we went and I know that Evangelina is for sure!
Luckily, the hubs was with me to keep me from going completely loony. I probably would have broken out into tears if it was just Evangelina and I. Thank goodness we are back home and the hubs is making dinner. He's amazing.  And he is giving me time to do my favorite thing...

cuddle time with my little terror.
I love my cuddle bug I just don't like the Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde routine she pulls.


Ladii Aponte said...

oh babe I had one of those episodes at Party city yesterday! I knew it was comming I even Bought Him a balloon so when we left the store i wouldnt have screaming OH NO IT WAS HELL and my 2 cousins who were there to help were off running around trying to figure out how to steal candy that cost 15 pieces for $1

ANy ways today was Eve worse but we were Home so yea Im just glad the Mr. is Home But I hate that he acts like a little booger when hes not especially when I know hes tired but he refuses a nap!

So sweet of your Mr. to make dinner! Mine asked me out on a date Made me feel like way back when we were dating! ( lol sounds a little suspicioushaha j/K) I have the post written just too lazy to re read it and post it lol wheres my bag???

posidanielle said...

That's exactly how Evangelina is, Ladii Aponte. When the hubs isn't home she can be awful, but when he gets here she is sweet as can be. And then he thinks I am overreacting. But last night he witnessed it first hand. Thank goodness. He agreed she was bad.

Good luck on your date night!:D

Vic said...

awwwwww.....we all need a little snuggle cuddle time and some much needed rest....:) they do have lots of energy don't they...they just keep going and going....gotta love em:) muah

and what did he make for dinnnn...haha

posidanielle said...

Vic- yes! we both needed a nap after that. The hubs made some carne asada quesadillas. Yum! But I had mine without the tortilla.:( oh well, it was still yummy.

Ladii Aponte said...

lmao! yes he looks at me like im a liar!

and as far as the romance lol hes too shy for it! my proposal was very weird and any gifts he is too shy to give me cu i make a big deal like AWWWWWWcand he gets embarrassed! lol but yea its so different now!!! before it was a little more exciting!

amylou said...

aww what a sweet picture!

ashleigh said...

that is the cutest picture ever! I forgot to tell you that one picture of you two from a post or 2 ago was adorable too!!! My son has a big case of the Jeckle/Hyde sydrome too... its the worst!

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