Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Win!

My sewing machine thought that it could get the best of me, but I totally win! haha.
I finished the bag in about 15 minutes and I am so happy. Now, I am ready for a nap.
But first the cute tote bag.
I am so in love with this fabric! 
I should make one for myself.
Isn't it cute?!

The little rosette made with love.

Oh and did I mention I also took the time to put a pocket inside?
Unfortunately no picture of that. 
I used the tutorial from Skip To My Lou for the bag and then just added my own little touches.
I love that tutorial! It was so simple and picture loaded.
Great for sewing dummies like me! :D
Now I just need to make a cute little wallet to go with it and I am done with this Christmas present.

Lately, I have been running some ideas through my head. I am thinking I need to do a giveaway! Who's down for that? I honestly just keep making little things and I feel that I just make them for me to enjoy, but I think its time to share the love. So what do you all think???
Now that I have shared my latest little creation with you all I think I am going to go take a nap. I am just not feeling well at all and its been going on for days.I am at that point that I am actually starting to get worried (and it takes a lot for me to get worried about myself.) My head feels like its spinning at times and then I feel like I have a headache right behind my eyes. Also, my belly has been upset for days. Just nausea. Bleh.
Sorry about complaining. I guess I just needed to whine to someone. haha.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday evening! 
Take care beautifuls!

Weekend Wrap Up!!!!

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Brittany said...

LOVE the bag! :)

p.s. I thought you were vic! Your blogger picture looked so much like her! Thanks for stopping by girl!

posidanielle said...

Thank you, Brittany. I put blood, sweat and love into that bag.

okay, so not blood...or sweat...but just the love. haha. And thank you. I'll take that as a compliment because I think Vic is gorgeous!

O. said...

great job on the bag

amylou said...

That looks wonderful! Love the little rose!
Like the giveaway idea! haha, but maybe I shouldn't enter! LOL

Mrs. Lovely said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ladii Aponte said...

Love the Bag and the pattern! I loved the first one more since well im a pink kinda ladii Lol! Im down for a give away... You should have just Linked up for an Autum Exchange and Sent a toto to your partner lol. I got my Partner I wonder what I will Send Her Hmmm???!?! You can Always send me a tote Lol Ill make your baby girl some cute bows I know how to make thise very well! Well im attempting ( once again to make a tote for mt LO to take trick or treating and my little cousin picked out her Patterns so we will see how this Disaster goes) J/K im pretty Good on the machine Just too lazy and The LO is always on my ASS!!! BTW i STarted my diet cuz I feel fat!

Heidi Ferguson said...

Beautiful tote bag! I love the fabrics you chose!

Would you mind relinking your project? I changed the size so now a few of the links are pixelated. So sorry! Thanks!

AUDRA said...

This came out great!
Good job!!

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