Saturday, October 9, 2010

Broken needles, red dye, and beating the alarm!

Why was I up at 4:30am this morning?? I had another half an hour before my alarm was set to go off. Ugh! I hate when I wake up before my alarm. haha. Does anyone else do that? Its like some weird ESP thing and it drives me nuts! haha.

Well, I was so excited to get my project done last night so I could share it with you, but as I was finishing the 2nd to last needle broke! Grr! Stupid needle! I fought with the machine quite a bit yesterday. It will be nice to me some days and then others its absolutely horrible to me. I have come to the conclusion that this machine is going through menopause or something...mood swings and all! So, I will be finishing this project tonight when I get home from work.  But I do want to share the fabulous fabric that I am using.

Such a fun fabric!! :D

Also, last night the hubs helped me dye my hair again! What an amazing hubby! Oh and did I mention he brought Evangelina and I home some flowers! He is such a sweetheart! So now my hair is....RED! I love red hair! And I've gone back between being a brunette and a red head a lot. And I feel that red heads definitely have a lot more fun! (Actually, I know that the color of your hair doesn't determine how much fun you have, but its definitely a more exciting color!) 

I realize you really can't see the red in my hair, but believe me its there! I need a picture in the sunlight.
Also, don't I look so bright eyed and bushy tailed? Yeah...on the outside I do, but on the inside I am yawning.
I hope that you all have a wonderful Saturday planned. I will definitely be daydreaming about what I could be doing while I'm at work today. Please remember to check back tonight to see my creation! :D I promise that I will have it up tonight! 



Jessica said...

!!!!! I LOVE you as a redhead and that's a gorgeous pic of you!

posidanielle said...

Thank you Jessica! You are so kind. I hope motherhood is treating you well. <3

Ladii Aponte said...

Love that Pic you Look Gorgeous. I want to try and make my Son a Tote for Halloween and some for my 2 cousins because they will Be trick Or treating together and I dont want them feeling bad so I always make something for them as well!!! EMail Me Back geez did i get sent back into your Trash Pile of Spam!

posidanielle said...

Ladii Aponte!!! I have not forgotten you and your e-mail has not been sent back to my trash bin. I have just been pretty lazy to tell you the truth and fighting a few migraines these past couple days. I am sorry. I am definitely going to e-mail you back today!

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