Friday, October 1, 2010

Time to blow off some steam.

Breaking bottles, ALL IS LOST, Your addictions,
HAVE A COST, No excuses,
I won't buy in, They're nothing but lies...

My heart breaks for the little ones who have no idea what true love is.
It breaks my heart that there are mothers in this world that are so selfish that they'd rather risk their child's life than be clean and sober. It makes me sick that there are people that will support and help this mother in slowly killing herself and her child.

Yesterday, we had a patient come with her water broke and she was scheduled for a c-section later this month. Upon admitting her the nurses found out that she was higher than your average marijuana mama. When the nurses questioned her about her positive drug screen she said that she was perscribed Tylenol 3 with codeine and has been taking Methadone (which she wasn't perscribed.) It was obvious that she was on more than that. She had scars all over her body that she was picking at and her teeth were rotten, immediately we think of a Meth addict, but her urine drug screen was negative for any amphetamines. Though, our urine drug screens are just presumptive tests. Which means that it is a probability. The nurses did manage to get consent on a blood drug test by telling her that we needed to know so we could be sure how to treat the baby if anything was wrong.

They finally, got her into the c-section room, but that was after she managed to do some more drugs when she went to the bathroom to empty her bladder. After they got her situated and numbed the doctor delivered her baby which was covered with yellow meconium. ( This means that we have no idea how long ago the baby passed its first stool and how long the mother has been leaking fluid.) However, the baby was pink and looked healthy, but that soon changed. The baby was rigid and would just stop breathing.  We rushed the baby into our nursery and the pediatrician called the childrens hospital in Columbus and they decided to send a life flight team to come and get the baby.

It amazes me that a mother-to-be can be so selfish, did she not care about the life that she was bringing into this world? Did she not even think that all those drugs would have any effect on the baby?  What about all the women who can't get pregnant but are loving and sober? Why are my taxes funding her drug habit?

My eyes are stinging with tears for that baby girl. I am praying that she is well and that she is in good hand. I pray for the mother and hope that she gets a clue. I also pray for her friends and family that they see the error of their ways. My heart aches for that baby girl and others like her that are brought into a world of drugs.

I pray that children services will do something right this time. I pray that they will do a full investigation and give this child a chance, unlike the other children that they have failed lately.  I believe in second chances, but there is a line that has to be drawn.

I know that I am not perfect by any means. I know that I have my own struggles with being a mother, but I will never willingly endanger my child like this. I will do anything I can possibly do to make sure that my daughter is healthy. I will risk my life to save hers. My life and heart belong to my daughter and I believe that with my whole heart.

I am so sorry for the length of this not so positive post, but I had to share this troublesome story. Please keep that baby girl in your prayers as well as other babies in her same position.

I promise that the next entry will be more uplifting than this.


amylou said...

This is just so so sad! Poor little girl. I will be praying.

Jessica said...

oh my gosh! that is so so sad.. i can't imagine how any mother could do that :o(

ashleigh said...


posidanielle said...

Amylou-Thank you for praying for her, you are so sweet.

Jessica- I can't imagine either. This was my first run-in with a situation like this and I just wanted to shake some sense into her, but I'm sure that wouldn't have rattled her. Not to mention I would have been fired. Its so sad how a mother could treat her children.

Ashleigh- <3

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