Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Monday...

So nice to meet you again.

Hello beauties!
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Mine was wonderful! Friday the hubs and I went to dinner and saw Easy A!!! It was wonderful! I highly recommend it! I absolutely love Emma Stone she is beautiful and talented.

Saturday, the mister and I woke up way early, too early for my liking, and drove an hour and half away to go to Hobby Lobby! :D I fell in love! I was in material heaven and cardstock paradise! I could have easily spent my whole paycheck there, but I controlled myself. I bought some gorgeous fabric, though! And today I will spending my morning working with them. I found these awesome bottles that I plan on turning into a wedding present for my sis. They great thing was that the mister was okay with all the money we spent and said he wouldn't mind making a weekly trip up there. haha.

After Hobby Lobby, we drove back towards Marietta and met up with my parents and my little princess at the Octoberfest. It was packed. We sat in traffic for about a half an hour and my parents said they sat in traffic for about 45 minutes. Crazy! The number of people definitely messed with my anxieties a bit, but I definitely pushed through it. The main reason my family goes to the Octoberfest is for the food and applebutter...haha yes we are fatties. :P Unfortunately they don't have many low carb I only ate some yummy green beans. While my family chowed down on yummy homemade chicken noodles, pie, german potato salad and other carb packed delights. However, I was bad Saturday night and ate a couple pieces of pizza. I couldn't resist it has been over a month since I last had pizza and I figured a couple pieces wouldn't kill me.

Sunday, hubs and I cleaned, watched Blindside (which I am in love with,) hung out with my little princess, ate dinner with my stepfather, and Beto watched Atlas play while I worked on some crafty stuff.

So all in all not a bad weekend! I will be updating later today with my creations. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday.

Adios mis bonitas!

P.S. I absolutely love this commercial! I crack up every time I see it.

I can sooooo relate.


Vic said...

what a nice weekend:) i so need to go to a movie...i think on the weekends we can whatever....then during the week be far it's working:) for me anyways! have a nice day girl!

amylou said...

Ooo...Can't wait to see what you make!
Love the Blindside! So glad that we finally own it!

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