Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cardigans, Goosebumps, and Lazy Wednesdays.

Hello lovelies,
I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day today. I hope that its not as chilly where you all are as it is here, but to be honest I am kind of excited for the fall weather because its...cardigans and scarf season! I love summer because its dress season, and I love spring and fall because you can still wear dresses, but you just need to add a cute cardi, some leggings, and voila! You are nice and toasty!  Plus, I'm pretty tired of the high electric bill due to my hubs blasting the air conditioner.

Evangelina, the potty princess, on her throne.

This week has been filled of me trying to potty train my silly little terror, Evangelina. Yesterday, she used her potty 3 times and messed her panties twice. Not so bad for our first day. Today, we haven't made much progress. She is in her Princess Belle panties and has sat on the potty several times, but no magic has been made. I am using my friend Kristen as a bargaining chip because Evangelina absolutely loves Kristen! Kristen was the first person that Evangelina wanted to tell about her using her potty yesterday. Maybe I need to up the ante. haha.

Monday night was an awful night. My husbands former co-worker (my former classmate in high school) passed away early Friday morning in a car accident and Monday night was his viewing. Beto had never been to a viewing before and he didn't know what to expect. It was so so sad, but this person had many people that loved him. He left behind a beautiful young wife and 2 adorable little girls. I felt absolutely horrible for his wife because within 7 weeks she lost her older brother (also from a car accident-whom I used to be very close to years ago,) her grandfather, and now her husband. I just pray that she finds strength and holds tight to her two little ones to get through this hard time.

R.I.P Nick Dye and Michael Johnson

This totally made me think about things and reevaluate my life. I want to leave a positive impression on all I meet and I pray that I do. Life is too short to live in hate, or in selfishness. I want to live life in the today and not in the tomorrow because I don't know for sure if I will see tomorrow. I want to work on my temper and I never want to go to bed mad again. I want every moment to be filled with love so that way my daughter will grow up knowing that I love her so much. I want to make a difference in my community so that my daughter can grow up in a safe and positive environment. I am going to make a difference one thing at a time.

The viewing was also really hard for me because as we were heading in I saw a particular person that I hoped to never see again.(To make a long story short, in 2005, four days after my 19th birthday, I was raped by this particular individual and he got away with it because the detective that was working my case didn't believe my story because alcohol was involved even though I had bruises to show for it.) When I saw this person, I grabbed onto my husband's arm and froze I felt my chest tighten and I squeezed my eyes shut. I tried to hide from this person by getting really close to my husband, but honestly I don't know if it worked. If it wasn't for my daughter, husband, and the fact that we were in a large group I think I might have had a panic attack. Beto had no clue what was wrong with me and i didn't have a voice to tell him. At the end of the viewing I told him what happened and he told me he figured it out. He still has no clue who this person is and I told him that its best that he didn't.  It has been four years since I last saw him and I pray to never see him again.

If any of you have ever had an experience like this and need someone to talk to please feel free to e-mail me.

On a much lighter note....

I have lost 20 lbs, in a month and a half! :D And I fit into my skinny jeans! This is so exciting for me! I can't wait to lose more! Low-carbs and lots of water with the help of my zi xiu tang (the bee pollen supplement I am using,) is the way to go! Of course the fact that I can't keep anything in me thanks to the Metformin, not that that's a great perk. bleh. But losing 20lbs is so exciting so it makes up for the whole Metformin thing.

I apologize for the not so positive entry today. I just needed to share what has been weighing on me lately. Please lift up Nick Dye and Michael Johnson's families in your prayers when you get a chance. And please remember, if you ever need to talk just e-mail me. I love pen-pals!



Heidi Ferguson said...


Just wanted to stop by your blog and say hi since you are a faithful commenter on mine :)

I'm so sorry for that hard experience, and seeing that person again!! It's so awful having to go through that I'm sure. But you are so blessed to have a husband and daughter who love and protect you.

O. said...

I'm sorry for your saddness.

And good luck on the potty training.

ashleigh said...

That would be a hard thing to go to. And then to have an encounter like that...
But YAY for losing weight!!! :) Great subject change right?! I wish I had the motivation and determination to lose weight... but I havent found it yet! My hubsband just started taking Metformin... that stuff is awful! But hopefully it helps both of you! Good luck with the potty!! We are working on it with our daughter... shes doing pretty good with #1 but not so much #2 :P

Vic said...

that is so sad...i know all to well what it's like losing people so close in such a short period of time and car accidents. It's a horrible experience and we shouldn't have to face it. i wish life wasn't about sadness and heartache. you have every entitlement to post about these things....don't apologize. we need it.

way to go! that's a great diet. i wanna see some skinny jeans:) i've been struggling with the stand still point...i get stuck and can't seem to lose more... whatever works and makes you feel good!---->your awesome!

as far as pen pals...i think that's even more amazing...we all have something to chat about....i'll add your email to my addresses when i log on:) xoxo

Vic said...

you had so much going on that i forgot to say that girls are sooooo much easier to train than boys so she'll be good to go very shortly...:)

amylou said...

I am so so sorry Danielle for you loss and such a hard week. I truly hope that life gets better soon.
Congrats on the weight loss! That is very exciting and good luck with the potty training.
Such much going on for you right now. Feel free to email me if you need to chat with someone friend!

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