Thursday, October 14, 2010

Th-th-thursday's Thoughts and a little more.

Hey hey beauties!
So I've been thinking about my blog lately, go figure, and what else I could do with it. While thinking about the improvements I decided I would try to search my blog and...I couldn't find it anywhere! BOO! That totally stinks. Also, while I was searching Positively Positive! I found tons of results, but all were just sites about positive thinking, blogs about positive thinking and HIV and much, much more positive thinking blah blah blahs...BLAH! Okay, I am all about positive thinking, but that's not why I chose the name. I chose it because its my hubs and my mantra...Stay Posi. Its what we always say to each other when times get rough and we try to live by this. Plus, its just our basic lifestyle, we're positive people and most who meet us first off can totally catch that. I just don't want this to be confused with another positive thinking blog of "You can do it!" Blah blah blahs. This blog is so much more than that. 
So, here's the big thought, should I or should I not rename my blog??? The only problem with that is past links. I guess I didn't completely think this through when I started this blog, but then again, I didn't really expect to be going anywhere with this blog. Gosh, I didn't even expect to have a follower let alone 33. Eek. (Which, totally excites me!) I totally need some feedback on this because I am so indecisive about this issue and this blog is for all my beautiful friends to enjoy! :D

Moving on...

Okay, I want to thank the beautifully sweet Amylou from amylouwho for tagging me to do this fun survery! I am all about getting to know you surveys and sharing little tidbits about myself with others. Plus I love to get to know all of you beauties! Here it goes...

1. What is you favorite song right now?
             - i absolutely love "Like Its The Last Time" by What's Eating Gilbert. Its Chad Gilbert's (guitarist from New Found Glory) side project. You can download it here for free!:D I actually love all of his songs, but since you asked for one song. haha.

2. Your Christmas traditions?
             - My Christmas traditions vary because I work at the hospital and we don't close on Holidays and because it all depends where we spend our Christmas, but this year we will be spending Christmas Eve with my dad's family and then we will come home and open presents at our house in the AM. I am hoping that we can have both sets of my parents over Christmas morning to watch Evangelina open presents, but we honestly haven't planned that far ahead. haha.
When we spend Christmas in Guadalajara with my hubby's family, its a whole different story. Its so much fun learning his families traditions and Mexican's traditions. His dad takes everyone to friends farm and the drink fresh cow milk. They mix it with chocolate and sugarcane alcohol. (I am not a fan of drinking something straight from the animal so I refrained, but it was just fun hanging out with everyone.) Then Christmas Eve evening we have a huge meal and then his Grandma says the rosary and we all sing the posada (a song asking for shelter, like Mary and Joseph did.)Then, at midnight we open presents! It was so much fun! I didn't understand much but I loved it.

3. Name a favorite movie or several?
             -Oh gosh, I love so many. Right now I think my favorite movie as late is Easy A. That movie rocked! But honestly I can't really think of my all time favorite because I have so many. haha.

4. Early Bird or Night Owl?
             -oh gosh...i am a little bit of both?? haha. I love to stay up late, but when I try to sleep in, I fail. haha I always think of what better things I could be doing.

5. What is your favorite perfume?
             -Versace's Bright Crystal

6. What item must be with you at all times?
             -my wedding band. haha. I don't know. I'm not so particular about this, but I know that when I don't have my cell phone that I feel lost without it. Then again, I am not extremely dependent on it. I can definitely function without it.

7. Favorite childhood toy?
               -I must not have had any faves because I cannot think of any. I know that I was a huge Barbie fan, but that's about it. haha.

8. Your go to pair of know the ones =)....what brand are they?
               - I don't know what brand they are...I bought them at a store like TJ Maxx, but I do know that I absolutely love them and I look fabulous in them since I lost 25 lbs! :D

Okay. Its YOUR TURN! :D
Tag you're it!
If you would like to play along please copy and paste the questions above an blog your answers! It would be great to see what your answers are.
If I didn't tag you and you would still like to play along feel free to do the same or comment your answers!
 I would love to get to know you!

Thank you Amylou for the fun questions! I loved it!

Well, friends, its time for me to sign off and go make some dinner. I think its leftover night because momma doesn't feel like playing Betty Crocker tonight. 
I hope you all have a fabulous day!:D

P.S. Ch-ch- check it out!!!



Brittany said...

:))) You are too cute!

I love your answers to the question! I think I'll prob be working for part of the holidays this year as well! As far as raw milk.. That is all we drink in my household! We are very natural and believe in drinking non-processed milk! (did you know its better for you, and stuides have shown it helps you lose weight! even though its whole milke!!!)

and the name of your blog is good! I think it fits you! :) My blog name didnt show up right away.. but now when I google unexpected surprises its one of the first ones that comes up! The more you blog, and the more you get your name out there the faster it'll rise to the top!

ashleigh said...

Aw thanks! When I have the internet on a more regular basis I will for sure be doing this! Love ya! :) What would you rename your blog to?

posidanielle said...

Brittany- Thanks beautiful! I think I could try the raw milk...but only chilled. I can only drink regular milk really cold and when I saw the freshly squeezed milk steaming...well, it was a total turn off.

I agree, I love my blog name, but I just don't want to be confused with a self help/ motivational expert type blog. haha. I mean I'm down with positive living and spreading smiles, but there's definitely more to me than that.

Thanks for stopping by friend!:D

Ashleigh- gosh, i have no clue what I would name my blog to. that's the problem. haha. I had a hard time coming up with a name in the beginning. I will most likely keep it this way, though. Miss ya hun! I hope all is well up in your neck of the woods! Take care and stay warm! <3

Ladii Aponte said...

Dont Change It Ive thought About it too But I dunno lol Thats what I type to go to your page I would hate to learn a new one!

posidanielle said...

No worries Ladii, I doubt I am going to change it...haha. that's way too much work for me.

Anestazia said...

Hey there! I was just stopping by from Sassy Sites blog hop and I'm thinking your blog is super cute! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

amylou said...

you might want to do more research. Changing your blog url means you will lose followers. It still shows that you have them, but they aren't able to find your feed anymore. I don't know what it would do if you just change your name but not your url. I did this when I had about seven people so it wasn't so bad.

I need to check out that song!

Your Christmas in Guadalajara sounds amazing!

I so want to see Easy A!

My favorite jeans are from TJMaxx. We are soul sisters! haha

Thanks for playing along sweet friend!

Vic said...

Google takes forever....first of all the more posts you get up, the more will start popping up (I was writing pooping up) but don't change your name-I've changed my name a thousand and one times and i always keep the URL the same. You can change your name in your blogger profile, just don't mess with the URL-My thoughts anyways...make sure your google account is set up to where your blog is verified too- you can do that in your google account, just go to settings if you haven't already...blogging is a great thing but it can be stressful from time to time so just keep doing what your doing and being you....your blog looks fabulous and it will take a minute to pick up but once it does you'll be super stoked! have a nice weekend and that tagging shit is fun but too much when everyone tags your ass...i like answering them though:) heee! love ya babe!

Ladii Aponte said...

Hey babe i did see the tag last night i answered all tyhe questions but removed it for s separate post later on today Just wanted my october 15th post to be seen i will be doing another post around 5pm est

Sandy a la Mode said...

hey lady! you are soo adorable! i loved learning more about you!!! yay for tjmaxx clothes, love that place!

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