Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bow-alicious Covered Notebook and a...giveaway???

Happy Wednesday Friends!
I honestly cannot believe that it is Wednesday already. Where did my week go?!? Last night I went to bed with a migraine and fought with it most of the night and morning. I think I am finally over it. Thank goodness. Its still there, but its not as intense. Unfortunately, I had to call off of work because of it. Tomorrow I intend to work even if it isn't all gone.

Today, however, I did manage to do a little bit of crafting while I was waiting for Evangelina to take a nap so I could go rest my eyes and after I blog hopped for a bit. I was looking for ideas for the little project that I was wanting to work on and I found a bunch of great ones. So I kind of combined them all and then some. And I came up with this....

The Bow-alicious Covered Notebook!

Cute, right? 
It was really simple and I plan on making a tutorial when I make the next one.

The bow can even act as a pen holder. haha.
Or not. Either way, its still cute.

Next order of business...

So, I have been running this giveaway idea through my head for several days now and I would love to get some input. See I love handmade items and I love making these items. I would love to share some of these fun items with you. I will be giving away several fantastic items, including the notebook from today.  I just would like to know who would be interested in this giveaway and what type of thingsvthey would love to have a chance at receiving.  So here are a couple of quick questions to get a little idea of what everyone thinks about this.

  1. Are you down for this giveaway?
  2. If you won, what would you love to see in that package? (Remember, handmade items. Though I wish I could give away a million dollars or one of those sweet silhouette machines.)
  3. Would you let other know about this give away? 
That's it. I am so excited to hear your thoughts about this. 
Now, its nap time. I hope that you all have a wonderful afternoon.

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Ladii Aponte said...

Do it! and send me my freaking tote! My Machine went all bananas on me! How the heck do you get the line so straight my machine runs wild especially after SOME ONE jacked up the settins! it was going side to side the other day WTF!

amylou said...

I heart that journal and I would use it! Maybe a matching makeup bag? I love makeup bags!
Yes I would spread the word friend!!!

posidanielle said...

Ladii Aponte- A tote does sound like a pretty good giveaway doesn't it? I will definitely be thinking about that.

Amylou- a makeup bag is a good one too. I have been thinking about making one of these for a while. I am definitely considering this. And thank you for spreading the word.

Krista @ While He Was Napping said...

This is so cool! It turned out fantastic! If you get a chance, I'd love for you to come link it to my party this weekend. Starts tomorrow at 6pm PST. Hope to see you there! Again, looks awesome!


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