Saturday, October 16, 2010

Silly Faces Saturday!!!

Okay, now I am off to battle aisles full of moms and their screaming children while grocery shopping!
More fun later!

Have a silly face kind of day!<3


Brittany said...

You are too cute! Have fun! Happy Saturday!

Jessica said...


and good luck at the crowded grocery store! i hate going during the busy hours.. people get crazy! haha

posidanielle said...

Brittany- Thanks friend! I hope you are having a happy Saturday also.

Jessica- Thanks for the luck! I try to refrain from going during the busy hours also but we were in dire need of groceries so we decided to go and face it. It actually wasn't half as bad as I thought. haha We ended up coming home and taking a nap though. :D

Emma said...

oh goodness, i hate grocery shopping on saturdays because it is so dang crazy!! hope it went well and you're having a good weekend!

amylou said...

This photo is so adorable! <3

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