Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bffs, sleepy arguments, and a stuffed beaver???

I just wanted to share a few pictures that the hubs and I took today. See how beautiful she is! (I know, I know I am beautiful, but I am talking about my bff Blackie!) She is so stinking beautiful!  I love playing with her and when my little terror, Evangelina, doesn't want to cuddle Blackie is right there to snuggle up close to me.

The hubs cannot say no to this face!

I love his kisses!

He's so fly! 
(well, he thinks he is! hehe)

I'm losing it! (please don't mind the flabby arms)

Yeah, he's a creep!

Quite possibly one of my faves.

Evangelina is at mama and poppop's for the weekend, so the hubs and I have the weekend to ourselves. Last night we ended up just cuddling and watching a scary movie. Then we got into an argument and fought while we were in bed. (it tends to be our best fighting spot) When we are both exhausted we tend to pick fights about the silliest things. Or maybe I pick it, but either way we are both bull headed. I'm a stubborn Irish lass and he's the bullheaded Mexican!  The little argument first started because I was expressing how I was sad that he never takes pictures of Evangelina and I and then it escalated to me pressuring him about things. (For instance, he got a new position at work and I ask him when he will start it.) He's under a lot of pressure right now from his family because today is his little sister's wedding and we couldn't join them in Guadalajara. I totally understand how he feels and I sympathize with him, but why am I just now hearing about it?? So, that totally made me boil, but I didn't lash out. I quickly went out to the living room and cried a little and then when I was done I went back to bed. We managed to kiss and makeup before we both fell asleep, but this morning I still woke up kind of sad. No worries, though because I totally brushed it off and moved on!

Tonight, my girl Kristen invited the hubs and I out to see her man's band play and I am so excited to go! I love hanging out with this girlie because she knows how to have fun without going crazy! Plus, I can't wait to hear about the party that one of the pediatricians is planning! He totally has a stuffed beaver in his house by his entry way and so we are going to make a beaver shaped cake!

(OB party 2009)
We just find it strange that there is a stuffed beaver in this man's house.
Plus, Kristen and I work on OB and we often see beavers.  ( The other kind of beavers.)
And we don't enjoy it.

I think I am digging myself a hole now. I should definitely say farewell before I insert my foot in my mouth again. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening! 


ashleigh said...

LOL!! A beaver! Thats kinda funny!! I pick silly fights with my hubby all the time too! Im just lucky enough that he doesnt really fight back he basically listens to me or probably zones me out! And then he makes fun of me!LOL!
And flab? I saw none!!!!! Your gorgeous! :) I love your makeup by the way... come do mine!!!
Have fun out!

posidanielle said...

Ashleigh- Haha. Well my hub tends to tune me out too but that just annoys me and makes me fight a little harder. haha. Thank you for such the kind words pretty friend! You are just so sweet! And I would totally do your makeup! I love to do other people's makeup! I used to do that at a local department store! I loved it so much! I would love to do that for a living, but unfortunately there's not a big need for it around here.
Take care pretty mama!

Brittany said...

lol at the bever! You are too funny!

:) I am glad that you made up before going to bed!!!!

I also hope you have a great weekend! Have fun at the party! I am lameeee! We are totaly just spending the night watching movies! yeehaw! :) Bet you wish you were me! :) lol

Ladii Aponte said...

I tried commenting you yesterday but this crap was acting up and wouldnt let me log in lol ANY WHOO You look Gorgeous! You Might think You dont because well thats How we are! I look back at pictures when i "Thought" I looke fat Ugly or what ever and im Like damn wtf was I thinking lol. I love you, You see m so silly/ Goofy so does your Mr. Lol Yay! well hope your sunday was good... Hold on theres something im (rereading) OH yea The Mr. and I fight about the same crap. Im always Like I never have pictures of me or pictures of jayden and me YOU NEVER TAKE PIX OF US, and when You do You take shitty Pix ( because he does he just points shoots doesnt bother to make sure i dont look all rolle polie -ish you know what im talking about! he takes 2 and hes done WTF?!?!? Any ways onto the job part he was supposed to be getting a raise!!! ok Ive yet to see any more money coming In wtf! They make him work later ok Ill take the hours but hes always afraid to say he cant or if he can come in later or switch his schedule so Yes it blows me!! Damn It! Hes under pressure too But damn Man Up geez. Youre better than Me i have no sympathy on top of working and being tired I make him take care of LO while hes home so i can relax Lol But I cook clean do errands take care of all the annoying fone calls UGH! I swar Half the weight I have is stress the other half well all the yummy goodness I eat lol Love ya babe Totally just took over your comment section lol

amylou said...

you are too cute! And that favorite picture of yours = gorgeous!!!
We get in those fights too. Totally ruin my night when they happen, but it's life. Glad you got to have a weekend just the two of you though! I bet that was nice!

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