Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunshine, Sternwheelers, crowded streets and A WWII Navy Ship

Good morning sunshines!
Yesterday was a busy-ish day and my day started at 6am because I couldn't sleep anymore because of my stupid allergies. Yay for 5 hours of sleep. haha. I let the hubs and Evangelina sleep until about 10ish and then we got ready and headed to the farmers market. Which ended up being a waste of time. Boo! There were hardly any vendors there. I was so bummed about it. So from there the hubs and I decided to park on Front St. and head down to the Sternwheeler. It was so crowded! The hubs was way more interested in the carnival food and I was feeling pretty lousy because of the new medicine I am taking. So we made a quick stop to see the WW11 ship that was docked for the festivities. It was so amazing to see. Then, we headed home after we stopped and got me something carb free for me to eat. You can't find that at the Sternwheeler. I ended up trying to nap...which really didn't happen due to the medicine and then it was time to head to my grandmas for dinner and fireworks. She has the best spot in town to watch the fireworks! ( If you look at my post from Friday you will see a picture that looks out over my town. That is Look Out Point and it is directly infront of my granny's house.) And this year they were AMAZING! They did them off of the bridge that crosses the Ohio River into West Virginia. It was fantastic. I wish I had pictures to share with you all.
Anyway, that was my night and now it is time for me to share my pictures from yesterday and today for the 365 project of course both were taken yesterday because I will be spending most of the day cleaning house and doing laundry.

This is the beautiful park that we walked through to get down to the Sternwheeler. 
I absolutely love this place.

WWII Navy Ship USS LST-325.
The ship participated in the D-Day invasion of France.
I love history so this kind of excited me. haha.
I'm a nerd.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day.
Oh and next week's theme for the 365 project is Routine.
I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Adios mis bonitas!


Sourkraut said...

What a neat ship! Glad you took the opportunity to see it while it was there. And I like the theme you came up with for next week. You're getting creative now!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a fun day/night pretty mama! D gets allergies too so I've seen firsthand how they can ruin your day :o( I hope you feel better soon!

p.s. oh i love me some fireworks... lucky!

amylou said...

amazing photos! can't wait to see next weeks. I just love your blog! :)

Ladii Aponte said...

Yay! I was Begining to think Todays Post would Have Been My Last Lol Routine??? Hmm Like SOmething we Do On a daily Basis? Im slow! You should give 2 weeks Now so Week 3 Is Routine and week 4 is???

Love the ship! Its been a while since ive been around anything Navy Lol In a way Thank god I had more than enough to last me atleast another year!

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