Friday, September 10, 2010

A Photo A Day! - A 365 Photo Project

So I definitely have some catching up to do! Its been a crazy hectic week as most of you know from my last post. On top of that I just found out today that I am hyperinsulinemic - its where the pancreas makes way too much insulin. A normal level is 24 and my insulin level is 72, eek! I had blood work done Wednesday and they called me with the results today.  I'm pretty bummed because diabetes does run in my family. (My dad and my twinie are both diabetic.) Plus, I already watch my carb intake. Its a low blow!

Oh and the phlebo did a number on my arm while drawing blood. She poked me 4 times.

Lovely, right? I look like a junkie. 
She says that my veins are paper thin and that I'm a horrible stick. 
Such a compliment!

So that was the yuck for the day! Now moving on to something a little more light hearted.

Time for me to catch up with the 365 photo project! I am 7 days behind! eek. Well, atleast I'm behind for showing them. Until now. So here they are.

I was laughing at the hubs. He's a goober! 

It was such a beautiful weekend for the fair!
I love the beginning of fall!

My absolute favorite! 
My hubs and daughter walking around the fair!
This is for this weeks theme Around Town.

This is Look Out Point. It over looks my beautiful town. 
Isn't the sky beautiful! Its been like this all week.

Now this beaut is our local post office. haha. 
I couldn't resist i love the architecture.
This is the lovely steep hill I travel on everyday. 
Its one of the better roads of the hill. 
But it still sucks in the winter!

Front St. 
Taken before it gets blocked off this afternoon and filled with vendors.
Bring on the Sternwheeler! 

I hope that you all enjoyed my photos for the week. I love to take them. And I will definitely stay on top of posting them because this was too much for one day. haha. 
Now I must go and get Evangelina her spoonful of peanut butter and then go get ready for work. I am praying that its not anything like yesterday. It was a mad house on the floor yesterday. And right when I got to work, I witnessed one of the nurses pass out. It was the scariest thing ever. I haven't heard how she's doing but I hope that she is okay.  
I hope that everyone has a fantastic Friday! 
Take care lovelies!


Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for joining our blog hop over at Sassy Sites! There are some amazing blogs out there, and you are definitely one of them! I'm a follower of yours too! Happy Friday! xoxo

Marni @ Sassy Sites!

O. said...

That is a serious bruise. I am diabetic type 1, my pancreas does not produce insulin. It's like you have reverse diabetes, I'll take some of that insulin off your hands :)

Vic said...

My five year old at the time got poked 15 times in the hospital...i was fuming....the doc was fuming...unnecessary. gosh...shouldn't they know what they're doing...alright i'm done bashing! great them ...i can't keep up...i'll try:) lots of love!

Mandy said...

Oh, girl.. I am sorry! I hate getting blood taken! You poor girl!!!

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