Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blues Skies, Sunshine, and...owls?

Good Morning Beauties!
Its Wednesday! haha. Another day closer to the weekend! And I am so ready for it, although, I'm not sure what I will be doing this weekend, but the hubs and I are both off so we will be spending some one on one time together! I'm so excited!

Isn't this owl jar adorable?!
The hubs bought it for me Sunday! 
I am in love with it.
I plan on putting $10 each week into it.
It's going to be my post weight loss wardrobe money.

Speaking of the hubs he has been so amazing lately.  I have been feeling pretty gross lately while my body gets used to the medicine I am now taking, plus the fall allergies grabbed hold of me. Oh and mother nature decided to be funny and share her gift with me at this time also. So yeah pretty gross! But the hubs has been awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better man in my life. We might have our bumps, but our love grows stronger through them than I thought possible. 

Work has been nuts lately and I have been too exhausted after work to make a blog entry, so today is my catch up day. Remember this weeks theme for the 365 project is Routine. And next weeks theme is Shadows. I am excited to see all the creativity involved with this. I hope that everyone is having a great time with this. If anyone has suggestions for a theme or any way to jazz this project up please share! I love suggestions!

5am Monday morning.
No make-up and blow dryer in hand.
Its definitely a routine. 
And for sure not my fave.

Tuesday 6am. 
After the beautifying routine comes the yummy in the tummy routine.
(NEW, because I'm not really a breakfast person.)

Wednesday 9am.
Evangelina strips down routine.
First thing she does when she wakes up is strips down to her jammies.
Its quite entertaining. Next, routine is me fighting with her to put clothes on. haha.

Which is calling my name now. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful day today. 
Remember, if you have any suggestions on how to jazz up the photo project please share. 

Take care lovelies!


Vic said...

that owl is so cute...i love owls! save save save! the pics are darling! i have to get back into this maybe tomorrow for thirsty thurs:)

Ladii Aponte said...

thats the same way i feel about my mr. how about in stead of daily you do weekly.... like every sunday all 7 pics for that weeks themes get posted

posidanielle said...

Yes Vic I miss seeing your photos! They are so wonderful! I love how your personality shows through!

That is a good idea Ladii Aponte! I think I will definitely have to do that. Its so hard to find the time to upload a pic a day, some days!
Thank you for that great suggestion!

Sourkraut said...

That owl's adorable! And I think you look totally cute in your day 15 photo! I've been pretty good so far about finding the time to upload and post every day, but I figure the point of the challenge is really to *take* a picture every day, not necessarily get around to editing and posting one every day. I think the idea of a weekly wrap-up post will be in my future as the year progresses.

posidanielle said...

You're so right, Sourkraut. The point of the challenge is definitely to take a picture everyday. And sometimes I find it easier to upload a picture everyday rather than a mass upload at the end of the week. haha but maybe I need to try it again. because sometimes my schedule is just to crazy to post every day.

amylou said...

love your owl jar! Such a great idea!! might have to start a little jar of my own. =)

Ladii Aponte said...

youre Welcome hun, i mean i can upload daily on most days but some days im struggling to make the time i just recently started Posting it the night before like tonight after midnight ill post tommorows picture i have free time so im writing tommorows post! but I think Just posting our fotos for the week all 7 of them might ne better! although ive been really good at doing it evryday lol not sure how long that will last though

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