Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday!

Good morning beauties!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week! I know I sure did. The hubs and I both worked this weekend, but we got to spend Monday off together and had a wonderful day with our beautiful little terror, Evangelina! This weekend I found some great little finds at the thrift stores. I love to find things that I can re-purpose and make my own. The hubs just thinks its crap, but when I'm done with it it looks fabulous! haha.
Here's a few of my finds:

The jewelry is my fave!!! The total came to $10. Great find right?
And I can't wait to turn those plaques into something beautiful!
The bamboo bowl was only $3. And it looks great in our bedroom! Its a handy place for Beto to put his pocket junk! Instead of having it all over my dresser.

I also found a few photo boxes, which I already fancied up. I unfortunately have no before photos because I was just itching to jazz them up!

Cute huh? I love how they turned out! Just Modge Podge and fabric! I'm not sure if they are going to stay out in the living room or if I'm going to move them to the bed room.
How about that hat box? Cute, right? I totally re-purposed it into a sewing box! I just put some batting on the top to make it a bit cushy. and on the inside of the lid I did the same so I could stick my pins and needles in it. Perhaps later I will make another and make a tutorial for it.

I hope everyone enjoyed my little post. I am still working on my big project. I am kind of stuck at the moment with it, but I will work on it a bit more tomorrow. Right now, though, its time to get ready for work!
Happy Tuesday!

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O. said...

Great find on the jewelry

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