Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts.

  • Today is my step-dad's birthday. I don't talk much about him, but I should. He's a wonderful man and he has always been there for my mom, sister, and I. Sure we had our fair share of head butts, but what family doesn't. I am so proud to call him my step-dad. And I am so excited to spend the afternoon with him today. 
  • The sun is shining and I can't wait to take Evangelina outside to play! 
  • I am totally enjoying this one week free hulu subscription on the xbox. I think it might be a great investment. Especially, since I tend to miss Glee.
  • I have so many ideas that I can't wait to get started on. I just need to find some time.
  • I can't believe Mother's Day is this Sunday! I have a feeling that May is going to speed on by just like January, February, March and April had. Eek. This whole year is just going to fly by. I can't stand it. 
  • I need more hours in the day. That would make the days go by just a bit more slower, right? haha.
  • Glee just makes me miss singing and performing. I miss it so much. Thank goodness that I have a full length mirror and a hair brush so that I can sing and dance by myself. haha.  Yes, I'm that strange.
  • I am so excited that Bartering Blogger is up and running! Ashely has been working really hard on getting the lists updated. So head on over there and check out what people are bartering with!
What are your thoughts for today?


Eschelle said...

I need more hours in my day too, especially now that I have started doing day care again from my home!!

Shalyn said...

I love Glee! How fun that you used to sing and perform!

Vanessa said...

it was so nice here today as well..a gorgeous day!

i agree..the months have flown by..but it means summer is getting closer..yeah!

Cat said...

Happy b-day to your step dad! And yeah for sunshine...hope you enjoyed the day :)

xx Cat

Amylou said...

That is exactly why I love the Glee cds. Plug one in and put the hairbrush to work!
Eeek! I haven't bought the Mom's day gifts yet! It is crazy how quick that came up!

Amie said...

definitely feel ya on the ideas thing...I have a big list of all the ideas I have & I can't wait to have some free time to work on them!
Gonna go check out your bartering blogger site now :)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

hahaha, I am glad I am not the only one who does strange things. But I have to admit I never used a hair brush on my solo's hehehe

Gwiddle said...

I watched the first season of glee on netflix a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I'm sad that I can't find glee season 2 anywhere for free. So I am really considering getting Hulu plus! Happy Birthday to your step dad!! I hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Mothers Day my beautiful friend!

Sarah said...

Yay for going outside to play! Hope it was fun - can't wait to see pics!

Glee is so great - what a fun show! And what kind of performing did you do?

patience said...

i'm curious what the ideas are that you have to get started on...

i've already put together a great trade using bartering blogger!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

oooo, i love that picture!

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