Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today is for thinking.

[art by me.]

  • I am looking for a fresh start and what better day to do it than today. 
  • I have been kind of a lousy friend lately. I have been too busy wallowing in my own problems and haven't had the want to pick up the phone or computer to talk to some good friend. So to those good friends that I have been MIA with, please forgive me. I love you all and I think about you everyday.
  • Yesterday, i broke down and had the hubs cut my hair. He didn't do a terrible job. It actually looks pretty nice. However, I do feel like a 10year old. 
How's it look? I trimmed my bands. I'm not sure if I need to go shorter or not.
This 'do definitely makes me feel younger.

  • I am thinking about dying it this weekend. A part of me wants to go lighter, way lighter, like blonde. But the hubs thinks I should go dark. I'm not quite sure what to do. What do you think? I love the red, but I'm not sure how well it goes with some of my outfits. haha.
  • I am so excited about May! So many great things are going to happen. However, its still going to be a bit tough for the hubs and I in the financial department, but I think I am finally starting to see the silver lining. 
  • My schedule for work next month is full time. I hope that I can still find the time for blogging, etsy, and friends. I don't know how some people do it. When I get home from work all I want to do is cuddle with the hubs and daughter. 
  • I really need to finish my owl tattoo because I want to start a new one. I really want to start my back piece, but I'm thinking it would be best to wait until after summer. That way I don't ruin it with all my sun bathing...hahaha yeah that doesn't exist.
  • Oh and did I mention I am scheduled to work on Evangelina's 3rd birthday!!! Ahh I am such a bad Momma! I hope that someone will trade with me. I can't believe it! I couldn't even ask for it off because its my weekend to work. I will have to twist someone's arm! Or bribe them! Or blackmail! I am open for suggestions on good techniques.
  • I'm a slacker. I should be doing something productive here at work. Like rocking a baby, doing a hearing screen or making up information packets, but there are no babies to rock and I haven't really checked the packets. I still have 8 hours left. I will have plenty of time to do those if they need done.
  • I should have brought some crocheting or embroidery to work on. My shop is getting so low on goodies.
  • I shouldn't drink diet coke makes my belly hurt. I think its all the carbonation. Stupid Diet Coke.
  • I haven't had caffeine all week or diet coke. Now I'm kind of wired, but I'm sure I will hit my high fast and then my low even faster.
  • Okay, I should seriously get off here and go do some work...maybe I'll just go draw a picture. :D Like a made up birthing brochure. The do's and don'ts. Or a redneck pregnancy manual...ooh that's a great idea! Considering we have plenty of those around here.
I hope each and every one of you have a fantastic day!
Much Love,


Erin Dawn said...

Heh heh, redneck pregnancy manual. :D

I'm thinking of dying my hair red soon. Ginger twins? xx

Ms. Megan said...

You should go lighter!! Because if you go darker, it will take a while before you can finally go lighter! I hope you don't overwork yourself and I hope that someone switches days with you on E's birthday!!
Have a wonderful day darling!! xoxo

Chrissy said...

Love your hair! It looks fabulous!
Hope work doesn't suck the life outta you! Take care love xxx

Amber said...

I totally love the bangs!! I love the whole hair cut, but the bangs especially! Super cute!

chantilly said...

i love it!

Ms.Domo Roboto said...

Beto did a wonderful job on your hair. I might break down soon and have him trim mine. You will have to bash som skulls if you can't get Evangelina's birthday off... I will help you lol. Love you sis.

elisabeth said...

cute hair!
i think you ahould go darker!


Design by Wushka said...

Hey love! Lot's of things going on in your life - I hope you get both the needed cuddle and bloggy time :)
xox mervi

ps. love the hair! I want a fringe too! :) I would kinda like to see a lighter color on you because I haven't seen it yet ;)

Lindsey said...

Your hair looks great! And my opinion is darker...
Hope work wasn't too bad!
Have a great Friday!

Amylou said...

Love your new hair! I wouldn't go shorter on the bangs at all I think you look awesome!
Hope you can get Evangelina's birthday off. I hope someone trades!
If you ever need to chat though, I'm just an email away sweet friend! =)

Erika said...

Definitely some very cute work on the hair :) And you would look very nice with a lighter shade too, I bet!

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