Friday, April 22, 2011

Guess Who featuring a beauty.

♥I have a lazy eye - it means I can pull funny faces!
♥ I love pyjamas.
♥I drive a yellow micra.
♥ I like to name things. My phone is called Jezza, for example.
♥ My favourite band is New Found Glory. (Love them!! Great mines definitely love the same band!)
♥Quite ofter i'll have a dream about something and then it will happen.
♥ My favourite animal is a Panda.

Any guesses???

Hey, hey Leonah!!!

Do you speak any foreign languages? If so what are they? 
I can speak a teeny tiny bit of french and german, only what I learned in school. I can also speak a little bit of Cornish too!

Where do you call home?
Cornwall, it is so beautiful and every single person is proud of their heritage and what makes them Cornish. My great Aunt was actually the last lady to speak fluent Cornish as her first language!

Do you have any hobbies other than blogging? 
I like to crochet and make dream catchers. I like writing letters! I absolutely love reading. I spend too much time sitting on websites looking at awesome t-shirts these days, it's becoming more of a habbit than a hobby! I like walking too, having a dog means I get to go on some ace, beautiful walks!

Where can we find you?


Thanks Leonah for joining in on the fun!!
I am having a blast getting to know everyone and I hope you all are too!

Remember, if you'd like to play along and haven't contacted me yet please do so! i'd love to feature you!
posidanielle [at] gmail [dot] com

Much love,


Gwiddle said...

What a pretty lady! And I don't see no lazy eye! haha. I claim to have one too:)

Leona said...

Haha! I really do! It's only when I look left and when I get tired that you can see it! But I can't actually see that much out of it, so it's constantly there :P

Thank you for featuring me lovely! X

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