Saturday, January 1, 2011

Silly Face Saturday is Back!!! Woot!

seriously, who couldn't fall in love with this face?

Silly Faces make the world go around...well at least mine! Sometimes life gets too serious and the best way to break that is to make a silly face. One of my favorite times to make silly faces is when I'm putting my makeup on in the morning. I find myself just making some of the silliest faces. Its become such a habit that I do it in public too. Man, good thing that I don't work at a makeup counter anymore.
Happy Silly Face Saturday Friends!!

P.S. Go check out For The Love Of Blogs!! Its a fabulous blog that connects many amazing blogs together! Seriously, you won't be disappointed!


Alida said...

Happy Silly Face Saturday!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Joy & Blessings,
Alida said...

I do that at the hairdressers when they are trying to cut my out though it puts them off and you end up looking permanently silly!
Keep smiling:)

Satori_Image said...

lol too funny...unfortunately I am like my daughter I make a silly face in almost every picture hehe Very cute blog ^_^

Vic said...

HOLY SHIT! This is BY FAR the BEST silly face you've done thus far! ur an amazingly awesome silly facer! u totally nailed this one doll:) xoxo

Klove said...

such a cute blog. How have I missed you all this time? I'm a follower now. XOXO

Alex said...

Super cute picture! I found your blog at FTLOB.

Happy New year!


amylou said...

you have the cutest silly faces ever!!!

Hello Again Vintage said...

Happy New Year, girl! Hehehe you are too funny. You're so right about everything being serious now a days. I make tons of silly faces too.

But then again, I also make that disgusting look face when I think something is gross. And at times, my face doesn't hold back for even a stranger :/

Anyway, I can't wait to keep checking up on your blog.

- Grace

Koco & Viking said...

Love it grrrrrl! Thanks for this, it made our rainy day shine!

Brittany said...

You know how I feel about silly faces :)

They are hte best!

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