Monday, January 3, 2011

Magical Monday + a song and dance!

Happy Monday beautiful friends!
I hope everyone has had a great start to the 1st week of 2011!!! So far mine has been filled with cuddles from my beautiful little terror, Evangelina. We've been watching Madagascar and Shrek: Forever and After this morning. Today, I have a couple of projects to complete before tomorrow! So I'm a busy busy lass today! But I just wanted to check in with you all and see how everyone's Monday has been and I also wanted to share these adorable itty-bitty Mary Janes that I finished yesterday.
Aren't they adorable! 

Oh and today's entertainment is from a beautiful little diva that's close to my heart.

Isn't she the cutest! 
The hubs and I are definitely thinking about putting her into dance next year.
My little diva!<3

Oh and don't forget that today is Magical Monday!

If you love blogs and are interested in finding some great reads, head on over to For The Love Of Blogs and link up to the hop!
I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


amylou said...

Dang it I wish I could see that video! I bet she is adorable!

Love those cute baby shoes!

Ms. Megan said...

HAppy New Year friend!!!
Off to email you!! :)

lindsay said...

happy monday miss :) those booties are simply adorable ♥ i wish i could catch some time to watch a little shreck myself :) happy monday and yes it is magical!

isn't FTLOB the best...i love those ladies and the space they created!

Sandie lee said...

Hi I'm your newest follower from Magical Monday Blog Hop.

Would love a follow back at;

Sandie lee

Mika said...

Hi, I'm following from the blog hop.
I'd love a follow back at

Susi said...

Aaaw, those Mary Janes are fantastic!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous! I want some too....

Chrissy said...

Hey there, I passed on a blog award! Go take a look at my blog!
Chrissy xxx

Cute Mary Janes!!

Eschelle said...

I bet she would just LOVE dance!! their are some GREAT kids dance classes out there. Maybe salsa tots?? They have that up here in canada usually for free in family focused malls :D

Lula said...

Evangelina is SO cute. I just saw you on For The Love Of Blogs and I loved reading your post!! And this one as well, of course. Shrek & Aladdin = BEST MOVIES EVER!
Your newest follower

Vic said...

oh my goodness! one diva fo sho! she's so presh! reminds me of M when she was her age....i have pics of her swirling her dress dancing she's almost 12 ~ time flies baby doll! If those comments above bother you, ignore and delete...i do not encourage that and i have no idea why they would leave such rude comments....:) love ya as always

Crystal said...

You're so freakin' cute! And on behalf of all of us mommies that have pushed our sweet treasures out our hoo-ha...thanx. The nurses definitly make that experience a heck of a lot easier!!

You have quite the cutie-patootie on your hands. Boys better watch out...or maybe, it's mom and dad that will need to be on the look out.

Have a great-Tuesday!

Brittany said...

YOU are seriously fabulous!

I love-love-love the little mary janes

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