Monday, January 17, 2011

Magical Monday! & some fun!

Hey lovelies,
Its Monday! Woot! eh not really. But I am trying to be very optimistic about today!  I would just rather not go to work this evening. Boo! But hopefully it will be a good time at work meaning all good deliveries and no bad ones.
How was everyone's weekend? Good I hope. I basically spent mine inside due to the very chilly weather. I am so ready for spring and summer that I can barely stand it.
Saturday, I spent the day crocheting. Yeah, I am just so adventurous aren't I? haha. Beto was working and Evangelina was spending the weekend with Mama so I had the day to myself. Then, when Beto got off work we went and got some sushi!! Yum! Then we came back and my cousin came over and he and Beto played the silly Xbox all night long! Ugh! Let's just be honest...I am so sick of that thing that I could just through it out the window! Its getting more attention than I am. Boo! Anyways, I managed to crochet a little friend for Otis the owl.

Meet Oliver, Otis' little friend!
Isn't he cute?!

I am working my hardest on getting things together for the grande opening of my Etsy, but they are slowly coming along. Hopefully this week will prove to be most proficient.

Sunday, I woke up late because I didn't get to bed until 2am thanks to the boys' xbox adventures. I had a whole day's worth of crocheting to do, not to mention squeezing in some cleaning, but I woke up with a headache and lounged around most of the morning.  I did some browsing online and then I started thinking about my next tattoo and got a pen and paper out and started doodling and this is what I came up with.
I want this beauty. 
I was thinking on the outside of my upper arm. 
Of course it needs some filigree or something around it. 
But I thought I'd leave that to Jenny my sister's LP to design.
The hubs said that he loves this and that he wants a matching one on his belly. (haha! I held the drawing up to his belly and decided that it's not a bad place.) 
What do you think? Any suggestions of where I should stick this beaut? 

Well, now I must leave all you gorgeous friends and start getting ready for a wonderful workday! (Please send positive vibes my way!) I really hope that you all have a fabulously Magical Monday!

Peace, love and hugs!!

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Ms. Megan said...

I LOVE that tattoo!!! You are so talented!! I wish I could draw like that!!
I know what you mean about this past weekend. It was just kinda blah. On Saturday I realllllly didn't want to leave the house, but we only had a few errands to do, so off we went. One of our stops was to the mall and my mum and i stopped in Victoria's Secret and they were having their sale and I got a bra that was originally $50 for $15!!!!! SCORE!!! :) and On Sunday it was a cleaning day. :( So I was EXHAUSTED by the time I went to bed and I woke up this morning STILL tired! :(
Hopefully I'll get better sleep tonight!
Love you doll!!
{I hope you had fun reading my book of a comment!!} :)

my best friend jules said...

Haha, I so hear you about the xbox! I think most women think of it as the enemy :D Btw, your little owl would make such a pretty tattoo! :)

xxx mervi

Ps. We're hosting a vintage jewelry giveaway, I think you'd love it :)

lindsay said...

ahhh this is adorable. and we will get to share a tattoo in common...owls are the best :) I can't wait to see the final look on your arm...or wherever you end up putting it!

when we were going back and forth last night i forgot to say where i thought it might look nice...i see you were thinking on the outside of your arm...i was going to say on your inside bicep. this is where i have my feathers and i love the placement :)

anywhere will be beautiful...even on your hubs belly :)


Gwiddle said...

Awww I love your little owls!! & that tattoo design is rad! I think it would look good on our inner arm! Woot Woot. Good luck starting your etsy shop my dear! P.S. did you enter my giveaway?

Jessica said...

such a cute owl! i didn't realize how good of an artist you are my sweets! it's really cute that your hubby wants to get it tattooed too ;o)
(i like the upper arm placement for you)

Love love! XO

Chrissy said...

OMG - that tattoo is beautiful! Love it! And I think it would look great there!
Those crochet owls are just adorable!
BTW - guess what I got!?
LOVE IT!! So gorgeous! Thank you so so much! I will have to be careful, Leonie, my daughter, might snatch it away!!! hahaha

Hugs sweet friend xxx

amylou said...

I know what you mean about enemy is called Starcraft and it lives in the computer. HATE IT! Even if I sit in the same room and craft I just get so sick of hearing explosions!

Love your crocheted owls so much and I will definitely let you know if I need some crocheting tips. Wish I had a web cam so you could teach me that way.

Cute tat! I think on your back below your neck would be super cute. I just always thought that was a cute place. Or very small on the foot. Both cute places!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwwwwwww the owls are ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Hello Again Vintage said...

giiirl, you have a talent. I'm totally in love with that owl. I can't wait 'til you open your Etsy shop so I can buy my goddaughter one of those.

Vic said...

you're just a HOOT now arent you!:) i love the buddy! they need each other....and an owl for a tattoo sounds fun and fab! go for it! xoxo

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

That is such a cute tatoo! I want to get a tatoo so bad when I am a little bit older of a bird, and I've been thinking about an owl!
I'd say go for it! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

TexaGermaNadian said...

How cute are those knitted, scratch that crocheted, creatures! I started knitting this summer, only done a hat and leggins, but pretty pleased with them. Just because of these precious little guys, I might have to take up crocheting!

morgan. said...

your blog is oh-so-cayyooot.
you look like such a fun mom!

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