Friday, January 28, 2011

Its Fab Friends Friday Sleepy Head!

Hey lovelies,
I hope everyone is having a great Friday!!! I will be once I leave work at 7am. That's right folks, I am currently at work and my eyes are definitely getting heavy. Also, the ghost in room 332 is beginning to make her prescence known. Maybe she'll flip on the tv or something tonight. It would add the right kind of spice to our shift. I better stop myself before I ramble on and on about the silly ghost in 332...

Now, today is definitely one of my favorite days in the blog world! Its Fab Friend Friday over at For The Love Of Blogs!! Woot Woot! And today I am going to introduce you all to two beauties that I just love so much!

First up is the beautiful Jessica from Tart. She is a beautiful new momma of a gorgeous little girl named Rowan. I love her style and I love all the pictures of Rowan that she shares. I simply can't get enough of that little doll! She definitely makes me feel like a fever is coming on...the baby fever that is.

Next is a pretty lady that has just recently captured my heart! I feel like I have known this beauty forever, but in reality it has only been a few short weeks. She has one of the biggest hearts out there and is full of creativity! She is definitely someone you should check out.

Don't forget to head over to FTLOB and meet some of the awesome bloggers that are linking up! Who knows you might find your long lost bff! haha.

Now I am off to go cuddle some babies and maybe take a quick 5 minute power nap!
I hope that you all  have a fabulous day!

P.S. Please forgive any typos or disorder of any sort because sleep deprivation is definitely getting the best of me right now! haha.


CityGirlChic said...

Hi, Thanks for sharing these lovely blogs with us, I stopped over and left comments! I hope you get some sleep and enjoy your Friday. Came over via FTLOB blog hop Friday.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Ok you can not stat a sentence with the ghost in room 332 and not go into detail. Please, I need to know :)

Jessica said...

awe thanks so much for the shout out my sweets!

have a great weekend!!! (wish you really could come go karting today! haha)


Chrissy said...

Girl - you are the best!! How sweet of you! Thank you so much! And likewise! You are such a beautiful inspiring person - love ya lots!

Will post about our trade later today! Been meaning to do that in forever - hope that's ok!?

Get some rest - and, I wanna hear more about that ghost...uh...

Happy Friday hun!
Hugs xxx

Slyde said...

LEAVING work at 7am? ouch! what kind of work do you do?

Bobbi said...

Ghosts in the hospital that makes themselves known, great! Hope you have a great evening! Thanks for stopping by today! ♥ BJ

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

Erinsgobragh said...

Going to check them out now girl! :D Thanks

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