Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fabulous weekend and Updates!

Firstly, I just want to thank all of my wonderful followers and their warm hearts! You all are so great! I am so thankful for your kind comments! <3 The situation, however, is still pretty grim and its looking like our department manager is going to have to get involved. I didn't want it to come to this, but the lies need to end and I would love to patch things up.

Secondly, you all need to go check out the beautiful Amy's blog because she is having a fabulous giveaway there!

Next, this weekend we had our awesome OB department Christmas party. It was great fun. Yesterday morning, my dear friends Kristen, Tara and I got together to make a yummy party treat. It was definitely a good time. I was pretty loopy due to sleep deprivation and anytime we all get together good times are had. I love to let loose with these two ladies!

Delicious! The icing was spiked with Mocha Kahlua! Yum!
We had a lot of fun making this and a lot of laughs.

Tara caught me doubled over in laughter. 

Dr. O did the honors.

To thank Dr. O and his beautiful wife for hosting this wonderful evening I made them:

A beaver and a rooster beer stein.

A beaver. A rooster. And a platypus for Tara (just because.)
Each glass etched by yours truly. 
But the mugs were a thank-you gift from the whole OB department.

The weekend definitely was wonderful! 
Homemade hard apple cider + spiked beaver cake + great company= a fantastic time!
The only thing that was missing was my hubby. He unfortunately couldn't make it out to the party due to work, but Dr. O was kind enough to bottle up some of his cider and for Beto to enjoy until we can make it out for a movie night in his awesome theater! 

Today, I need to crack down on some crocheting I have a couple of gifts to finish up before this coming weekend. I really hope that you all have a great Sunday! 

Oh and don't forget about Amy's giveaway! Check it out! 

Peace. Love. && Hugs!


amylou said...

Thanks for blogging about the giveaway friend.
I'm really sorry that you had to go higher up at work, but I hope that things will go smoothly and be better in the future.
I really like that etched glass!
My momma collects roosters. She would LOVE that!
oh and that is a very sweet photo of you at the end.

Hope you are having a good Sunday sweet friend!

Jessica said...

good, sounds like you had a great time.. well deserved pretty lady! XOXO
p.s. spiked cake? ME LIKEY!

Vic said...

I'll have to catch up on post below:) What fun is laughter and friends...ur hilarious! and that food sounds delish! I'm glad i'm back in action...I missed my sweetie:)

Mandy said...

Those glasses turned out awesome1 I love the platypus. :D


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