Thursday, November 18, 2010

roosters, reindeer, and beavers???

Wow I can't believe its already 3pm. Where has my day gone? The time just flew this morning. Today, my dear, lovely friends Kristen and Crystal came over for a craft session and it just flew by. We had a great time talking and taking our aggressions out on the paper. We had tons of different things we wanted to work on (crocheting, Christmas garland, cards, and other fabulous things) but we managed to narrow it down to paper crafts. We ended up combining our talents to make this:

A flyer for Dr. O's Christmas party.
(its quite peculiar, isn't it.)

Inspiration: Dr. O has a stuffed beaver in his entry way and so its just a little joke for us all. Plus, the party is for the OB department (if you catch my drift.) The rooster on top of the tree is Dr. O's input so we went with it. Plus, he lives on a farm so it kind of fits. 
Okay, so our humor is a bit strange, but we work on OB we have to be a bit demented to work there.

Then we made:
 Christmas cards for our co-workers.
The middle card is for a friend that is currently obsessed with the  Hide Your Kids, Hide your Wife video. So, I definitely had to make a card about it.

Now, Evangelina is busy watching the Backyardagains (which I am getting extremely sick of) and I am about to work on another crochet order. I really hope to get a couple of orders done while the hubs is at work this evening, that is, if this nausea and back ache doesn't land me in bed. Yuck. 

I hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday! :D Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away?!?! Where has the month gone?
Love and hugs!


Jessica said...

haha love "have a thumbs up kinda day"! you're so cute... ;o)

amylou said...

so cute! love the reindeer card so much! have a good afternoon friend!

Mandy said...

Cute stuff. I so badly need to get to work on my Christmas crafting ...

HitomiNeko said...

awww i like ur cards that so cute ^^

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
Vote for me to make my dream come true! Thx a million!

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