Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabulous Day Out and some blah blah blahing

Happy November dear friends!
Yes I know that I am 3 days behind on this, but I've been terribly busy. Oh and my mini vacation is almost over. Boo! I go back to work tomorrow! Yuck. I have so much work to do. I have 4 scarves and ear warmer orders to work on and many Christmas presents to work on! I am way to busy with these things to be concerned with working. Yuck! Okay, I am done with my whine session. 

I spent all evening crocheting a hat for Evangelina. It turned out so adorable. I am quite proud of it and made her try it on as soon as I was done so I could show it off.
Not bad, right?
Oh and look at that cheesy grin! 

Today, the hubs had the day off so we took Evangelina to the our favorite park and had a little fun. It was a kind of pretty out when the sun chose to shine and I so I decided to take some pictures of our fun.

Now, its time to go make some dinner and brainstorm about another giveaway or event. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening and I will be back later with more. 
Take care beauties! 
Love and hugs to all!



amylou said...

Lovely photos!
Hope your break was a good one.

Vic said...

You guys just make me smile!

Adriana said...

i love the hat! super cute : )

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