Wednesday, October 6, 2010

pink polka dot, demask, and zippers???

Add them together and what do you got?

A gathered clutch with a cute little bow.

Okay so please excuse the odd shape. This is my first time attempting anything like this.
I do not sew. I have never had a lesson and I probably don't have all the correct supplies.
Also, I fought with the sewing machine (on loan from my mama) all morning. 
But by 8o'clock Monday evening I created that wonderful clutch.
I am hoping that practice will make perfect. 

I found the tutorial for this cutey clutch @ noodlehead
And I added the little bow to help take away from the unevenness. haha.
So what do you think? Not so terrible for my first time, right? (Please be gentle.)

I would have posted this sooner, but by the time 8pm rolled around Monday I was so over using any type of technology and I just wanted to go rest my eyes and cuddle with the hubs. 
And then yesterday I worked until 3pm and when I got home I tried to update but my stupid camera needed charged. Boo! haha.

Today I am going to attempt to make a tote bag that is if miss Evangelina allows me. 
Yesterday, after dinner, she and I sat down at the table and had a craft session. She colored while I worked on a handmade card for my sister's union. It was wonderful bonding time.

I will be posting another update later. 
I just hope I don't get in a fight with my machine today.
Wish me luck<3

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Meg said...

Love the colors! I think you did great for your first sewing project! Keep up the good work! I hope you can enter my giveaway for a felt headband going on now!

amylou said...

you did a good job! I like that cute little bow!
I'm still waiting to get a chance to sew my skirts with my mom! I hope this week! Our schedules do not match at all. So be on the look out!
Also, I'm grabbing your blog button sweet friend. Hope you are having a great week!

Vic said...

and what gal doesn't love polka dots...seriously too hot!:)

posidanielle said...

Meg- Thank you so much! And I totally went to your blog and entered! :D

Amylou- Thank you pretty lady! I hope you two get to make your skirts too. I can't wait to see what you create!

Vic- Thanks beautiful!

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

I love the colors, and the bow was just perfect to add to it!

posidanielle said...

Beth- Thank you so much for stopping by and the compliment on my first sewing adventure. <3

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