Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nice To Meet Your Mr. Rain Cloud,

Now skiddattle so I can have my sunshine back!

Day 2 of the rain! Yuck! I need me some sunshine! Its like a cup of joe for me and I'm beginning to think its the only thing that wakes Evangelina up in the morning, also. Oh well, I probably would have still been asleep if it wasn't for my aching shoulder! Ouch! I totally slept on it wrong! I am hoping this hot rice sock will work its magic soon.

Someone you didn't want to let go, but just drifted.

There are many people that I could list under this theme, but these two beautiful people stuck out like a sore thumb when I thought about it. The beautiful blonde on the left is my dear friend from Canada. We both were 1st years at Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, OK and roommates! We immediately became besties! One particular day that I remember is our photo shoot day. All of our friends were out of town so we decided that I would call off work and we would do our hair (we put them up in faux hawks) and make up and have a photo shoot. It was just so much fun! Then after that, our friend Alan came back from work and we had a delicious double chocolate cake waiting and a gallon of milk. The 3 of us went to the local park (because we couldn't have boys in our apartment.) and split it. It was a wonderful day! 
It wasn't long after that that I moved back to Ohio. I was so sad that I had to leave this beautiful girl, but we promised each other that we would talk as often as we could...but that soon became rarely.  We talk on occasion but nothing like we used to, but its okay because I know that she is well, married, and happy! When we do talk though we just pick up where we left off never skipping a beat. 

The fellow on the right is Curly (from the stooges) my hilarious friend from my freshman year of college. This was taken a year later at a summer camp in Silver Spring, MD.  He is pretty much one of the funniest men out there and I have so many great memories with him. My first memory of him is him running down my roommate's and my hall with a facial mask asking if we had any salt. It was definitely surprising, then, we all went to see White Chicks at the dollar theater and we hit it off! We were immediately best buds and were inseparable!  We were named the Three Stooges. (my roommate- Mo, myself- Larry, and this fellow- Curly.) 
When we all went our separate ways the summer of our freshman year I knew that it was going to be hard keeping the friendship alive, but somehow we've managed. We don't speak often, but when we do its wonderful! He and I pick up right where we left off and fall into the same joking nature. The funny thing is is that he lives only 2 hours away. The hubs and I did manage to see him this summer while we were up in Columbus getting some items for Evangelina's 2nd birthday. It was wonderful to catch up and have my 2 favorite men meet.

Now, I must go get a few little projects done before I need to take Evangelina to mama's so that I can head to work for the evening.
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sssdawna said...

your baby girl is beautiful!

drifting from friends sucks : ( i'm happy that one of my old friends got in touch with me the other day--you never know when that will happen!

Vic said...

what a nice little story:) nice photo shoot too! I need ur address send via email...u won the ring:) have a good day! I'll be back later when i get this laptop going:)

amylou said...

Those are the best kinds of friends! I loved reading more about them. Have a great night at work girlie!

Ladii Aponte said...

awww i just facebooked an old friend9from 5th grade) found her and added her lol i will see if she remembers me! i feel like ive missed soo much on here geez slow it don will ya! ive been super busy sooo, havnt really gotten the chance to hop on over much checking out your giveaway babe!

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