Wednesday, October 27, 2010

crochet fun, some truth, and a reminder!

Hey lovelies!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! Today is the start of my 8 day break from work! Yay! Haha! What am I going to do with these days off??

Well I will be spending plenty of time with her:
Don't let the cuteness fool you!

We will be working on her Halloween costume, Christmas presents and plenty of crocheting.

Also, this weekend is my twinie's union with her girlfriend of almost 5 years. They are having a reception on Halloween! Its definitely going to be interesting. I can't wait to do my sisters hair and make up! I really hope she lets me get creative! haha. Of course I have no clue what to wear and that is driving me insane! haha.

So, I need to show you my new little creation!! The other day I decided to crochet a flower and this is what I came up with:
Not so bad, right!
 I decided that I would put a pin and an alligator clip on that back that way it could be worn as a broach or hair clip! I honestly love this color and the shape it took! I used a couple different patterns to make this and I'm sure I didn't follow each precisely because I honestly can't read them haha.  I made a mustard yellow one while I was at work last night and its so cute also! All I have to do is add the clip and it will be done. I have been pretty obsessed with crocheting lately and I think the hubs is getting a little annoyed, but crocheting is just so relaxing to me. 

Someone you need to let go or wish you didn't know.

To be completely honest, I don't have anyone to list under this day! Yay!!! haha. I am a true believer that there are reasons for everything and everyone. I believe that everyone in my life has shaped me somehow. I  believe that if I didn't meet that person that made my life hell, that i wouldn't be the strong person I am today. I still care for that person and I wouldn't give up any of the memories i share with them. Just because I have some crappy people in my life doesn't mean I'd want to erase them from my life. I still pray for them and think of them often.  So that is why I am smiling in the picture...haha. Its from all the memories!

Speaking of memories....

Don't forget about the giveaway!

There are many ways to enter! So, please go check it out if you are interested!

Now I will be leaving you with a song that has been in my head all night long, thanks to Glee and The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!



Ms. Megan said...

I LOVE the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for posting this video!!! {It was on last night and I just couldn't resist watching it!!!} :)
I love that little flower accessory!!
You and your little one are SO cute!!!
Have a wonderful day,

amylou said...

I can't see the video but that was a crazy episode! Mercedes is always amazing!!
Very cute flower lady!
Love your answer today. I believe the same!
8 days?! That would be heaven. Enjoy your break sweet girl!

kristi. renee. keim. said...

Omg. Your little girl is so precious :) and her mustache is rockin ;D lol
Have a great vacation from work!

ashleigh said...

Ive never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show... but I have plans to watch it with my cousin. Also... how did I miss your giveaway?!?! I'll try to enter tonight when I have more time! AND... You need to teach me how to crochet! Seriously!!!! I want to learn so bad!

ashleigh said...

Oh and LOVE the mustache!!! heheh!!!

Vic said...

that's so pretty...along with you and evangelina...i know your going to be having a blast off.....enjoy:)

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