Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Crochet fun, out and about, and more...

Hey gorgeous friends!
I hope all are having a great weekend so far! Tonight is trick or treat!!! Yay! I can't wait to take Evangelina around the neighborhood and then head back to my parent's house and have some yummy taco dip and taco soup with a side of Hocus Pocus! ( its a tradition!)  What are all of your plans for this Halloween Eve?  Whatever your plans may be, just be safe and stay warm!

Speaking of staying warm...check out this cozy little ear warm I crocheted!

Cute, huh!
I had so much fun making this!
I will definitely have to make a tutorial for this soon.

Yesterday, after the hubs and Evangelina had their nap, we all decided to go for a wonderful walk to the park. It was a beautiful, but chilly day for a walk and Evangelina had a blast. Actually, we all had a blast.

A happy little family.

My little diva.

I love to swing with her.

She asked for a beso (kiss) each time she went down the slide.

And even Blackie had a lot of fun.

I just had to share the fun pictures we took yesterday and now a little reminder...

You have until tomorrow night @ midnight to enter!
I can't wait to see who wins!

So now I am off to do a bit more crocheting before the hubs gets home and we go get our trick or treat on! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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Jessica said...

LOVE the ear warmer!!

Ruthie said...

How fun! What is your daughter going to be for Halloween? I LOVE your hat! I wish I knew how to knit or crochet but I don't :( Well have a fun and safe Halloween!

Ruthie @ Tattered Bliss

kristi. renee. keim. said...

i love your ear warmer!
i'm making one too right now (tho i'm new at crocheting and it won't be as cute as yours!
Enjoy your weekend, friend!

Vic said...

what a hot mama...that's really nice...i love the bright color, goes great with fall! and the park is so fun...i love swinging with my girls too:) have fun tonight

Ladii Aponte said...

You should So Send Me one I love It! Also not sure if you read my Saturday Blog Post But I gave You "Spotlight" In My blog havnt given it to anyone in a WHILE but Love all your new crafts so You win Oh and one other momma! Love You Now Make me a green One and ship it to me Lol!

amylou said...

Love that ear warmer! And how sweet that she wants kisses from her daddy! Adorable sweet family!

Ashley said...

you have an adorable family :D

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