Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010= a very busy day.

Hey beautiful friends,
I hope everyone is having a wonderfully spooky Halloween! Last night was our neighborhoods trick-or-treat and Evangelina decided that she didn't want to dress up and go. My heart broke. I put so much effort into the costume and she didn't even want to go show it off. Luckily, I did take pictures of her in it when she tried it on for the first time, but I so wanted her to go show it off. Oh well, we ended up staying in the warm house with my parents and had some yummy taco dip and taco soup with a side of Hocus Pocus.

Today, my sister and her girlfriend are having Friendship Day. (They are celebrating their vows to each other. Out of respect to family and friends they decided to call it Friendship Day instead of a wedding or what not.) So I will be heading to her place here in a couple hours so I can do her hair and make-up. Then we will be doing family pictures. Eek. I hope I am dressed okay. haha. I'm really excited to see how the reception is decorated and no worries I will share pictures.

I wasn't sure what to get my sister and her girlfriend so I made turned this:

into this:

A nice little light to go into their Halloween decorated family room.
I hope they like it! 

Now I must skidattle! I've got a lot to do in a very short time!

BTW, don't forget about the giveaway!!!

It ends tonight @ midnight!!!
So hurry and get your entries in!!!

Happy Haunting friends!

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ashleigh said...

OH! Thank you for reminding me about the give away! Have fun and congrats to your sister and her girlfriend!! Have a good Halloween ( or Sunday since yours was yesterday :P)

Brittany said...

Congrats to your sister and her now "wife"! :)))

Happy belated halloween!

Ladii Aponte said...

omg i felt like the worst mother ever for wanting to scream when Jayden refused to go out! i would have felt horrible had i not taken him we onli go to our next door neighbors house ugh he was cranky this year and last i sense a tradition happening damn it! love the gift! now wheres my hat?

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