Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little something- something.

Phew I am exhausted! Its 11pm and I am beyond ready for bed, but I am just now getting to eat dinner. Cheese and Turkey. yum. My hubs and daughter didn't save me anything from their meal so I had to make a little something to tie me over until morning.

Today was...overwhelming. I started the day off in an awesome mood. I even finished my work day in a slightly less awesome mood, but still awesome. (Considering work ended up being a lot worse than expected, but not a complete nightmare.) Then I picked up my little terror from my dad's and she didn't even want to come home with me. It totally hurt my feelings. :( And she was in a diaper!!!! Grrr! Yeah needless to say it went downhill from there.

Then when I finally got to sit down for a breather, I started to feel completely nauseous and fatigued!  I really hope that its not the flu or any other bug that's going around. 

Oh and then I ended up going to the city council meeting with my parents to see if they were going to address this issue where they want to force city personel to take about 56 days off next year without pay. Which is.... A LOAD OF CRAP! Both of my parents work for the city, my dad is a K-9 Officer and my stepmother is the registrar at the local health department. If they are made to take the 56 days off they will lose about 19k a year. 19k!!! That's insane! And my dad would have to possibly find another job to try to make ends meet, not to mention, they'd probably lose their house.  I am praying that this proposition doesn't pass. I can't believe that this has even been brought up. Its insane.

Well, that was my rant. Now I am going to hush up and finish my cheese and turkey and then head to bed with my little terror.

Evangelina and I say goodnight and sweet dreams!!!

P.S. Tomorrow is another crafty day! Stay tuned to see what I come up with!<3


Hanna said...

Hi There! I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

ashleigh said...

I totally hate not having the internet!! Im not strong at all... I complain all the time to my husband :p Ive missed checking on yours and others blogs... I love the new background!!! If only we lived closer together I would come to your house and use your internet heheh!!!

amylou said...

That is terrible! Why would the city even do that?! UGH

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