Friday, September 17, 2010

Hazy Days, Lazy Days, and the Tornado Scare.

Hello beauties! Its Friday! I don't think I have ever been any happier to see Friday. haha. Maybe its because I get a break from my little terror for a bit. ( Even though it won't be 10 minutes after she's left that I will say..."I miss Evangelina.") Its been one of those days already, but luckily she did sleep in this morning with me because I didn't get to sleep until about 2am.
Last night, was crazy at work. We had 2 TOLs that turned into C-sections and 1 normal delivery. It wouldn't have been so bad, but then we got a tornado watch for the area and then it turned into a tornado warning! Eek. I honestly wasn't really scared for myself since I was kind of in a good place to be, but I was a nervous wreck for my hubs and my daughter. Especially, since my hubs didn't know what to do in case of a tornado. (He's never had to worry about one before.) Luckily, we live up on top of one of the highest hills in our city, but still it could have touched down anywhere. And it did, it touched down in Belleville, WV about 30min away, and it touched down right across the road from my Grandma and Grandpa's house. (My heart raced when my mom told me about it this morning.) She said that my grandma and grandpa just sat there waiting it out.  My first thought was, " wow they were brave. I would have been a wreck and hiding and praying." She told me that they really thought it was just a bad storm and by the time they realized it was a tornado it was too late to head to the cellar since my grandpa doesn't move fast and she (surprisingly, they kind of have that love-hate relationship after all these years.) wasn't going to leave him behind.  Thankfully, they are all well and my uncle is too, but unfortunately there was one fatality in that area. So I ask that you keep those in Belleville, WV in your prayers. Thank you.

Okay...that was the excitement for my day. Now I am ready to be lazy with my daughter during this ugly hazy day....actually maybe not since she likes to elbow me in my boobs. (NO, they are not air bags!) okay, kidding. I still want to lounge with her even though she has a tendency of hurting me every once in a while. haha.

365 photo project
Theme: routine.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

So fresh, so clean! haha.

Well, I hope that you all have a fantastic day today. Tonight the hubs and I are going out with some friends for a couple margaritas and some yummy Mexican. (which means, no carbs all day. so I can make it up in the margaritas.) So until then I will be hanging out with my little one and the dog. 



Sourkraut said...

How do you still manage to look so cute even when brushing your teeth?! :)

Jessica said...

1: i seriously think you have a SUPER RAD job!
2: so glad you and your family are all ok after the tornado!
3: i am SO JEALOUS of your margarita plans!!!!


posidanielle said...

Sourkraut- haha you are way too sweet! Maybe its because I practiced making silly faces so that it looks uber cute ooor that its my calling to be in a tooth paste ad! JK!:D

Jessica- Thanks, its definitely not a bad job. Not my dream job, but its great for right now. And thank you, I am glad they are okay too. BTW, I will drink a margarita for you. <3

Vic said...

i am scared of hurricanes here...but tornadoes would scare me more! eek is right! glad that they are okay-sad that some die in these treacherous conditions! i could never pull off brushing my teeth so cute...i'm so damn sloppy:) you go pretty lady!

Mandy said...

Cute, cute pics!!!!

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