Saturday, August 28, 2010

Songs straight to my heart.

Hey hey beauties!!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! Today the hubs and I spent most of our time cleaning up around the house. Fun times, right? Yeah!!! Well, today I am writing about something inspired by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet. (check her out!) Her post today was entitled "Soundtrack to Happy." Its about songs that hold that special place in her heart. So I decided to jump in and share some of the songs that hold that special place in my heart!

First up, this song has some great memories and every time I hear this song I immediately think about all the family road trips that I went on growing up. My sister, my cousins and myself would beg my dad to play this song over and over again and we even made up dance moves to it. I'm sure we drove my step mom crazy with it. I'm also positive that people looking into our vehicle thought we were nuts, but who cares when you are having so much fun! To this day I can still listen to this song over and over again.

Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis

This next song is one that I actually used to loath and I'm really not sure why. Maybe its because its one of those that once you hear it you can never get it out of your head or perhaps its one of those songs that was once over played. But I soon got over that because this song is the song that my amazing husband sang to me during our wedding reception in Mexico.He sang it in front of all our friends and family and every time that I hear this song I close my eyes and picture him singing it. I can still see him standing there, shaking with nerves, but with a cute little smirk playing at his lips as the music starts to play.It was one of the most beautiful, loving thing that he has ever done for me.

You Are So Beautiful- Joe Cocker

And this last song, is also from that same day. It was our first dance together. I absolutely love this song. Its not only a song from that day, but its also a song that I sing to my daughter all the time.

We Belong Together - Ritchie Valens (this is from the movie La Bamba)

That's only 3 of the many songs that hold that special place in my heart. I have way too many to count. Perhaps, I will have other posts about this, but who knows. Music has always been in my life and I have so much love for it that I love to share it with others.

What are your songs that lead straight to your heart?

I hope that you all enjoyed today's post as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Danielle said...

Love this post, and all of these songs. <3

Mandy said...

Aww I love it. I can't wait to sing to my baby (12 weeks pregnant.) nice blog!!!

-Mandy @ she breathes deeply

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