Friday, August 27, 2010

Fridays are Fabulous!

Hello my beautiful blogger friends!
I hope everyone had a fabulous day yesterday. Mine, wasn't so fabulous. :( "Why?" you may ask. Well, first off, I couldn't sleep a wink at all Wednesday night. I was so exhausted, but so anxious for Thursday because I knew it was going to be a busy day at work. Then, when I got to work, at 6:30 am, I find out that there wasn't just 2 but 3 trials of labor. (TOL for short. It means the doctors are giving the pregnant moms some medicine to speed up their labor.) Bleh. Which normally wouldn't bother me, but I was so tired!  So between doing my normal OB Tech chores and assisting the nurses in the 3 deliveries I was on my feet for the whole 12 hours I was there. By the time 7pm rolled around I just wanted to crash. I didn't even go home and make dinner. I just told the hubs to order pizza. Which wasn't even on my diet, but I decided I deserved it!

I am so glad its Friday! I have 5 days off before I work again and I have no clue what I am going to do with myself. So, now that my blah blah blah is done about how blahish Thursday was I am moving on today and what I have for today's post.

Today I decided to do a bit of a wish list because if I keep my eyes on the prize I will accomplish my goal! :D

1. This cute tunic from Faith 21.

How cute would this look with some straight legs or even just a pair of leggings?

2. What about this pencil skirt!

I am desperate for this perfect pencil skirt from Mode Merr.

3. I absolutely love this dress from Mod Cloth. 

Too bad I'm a little larger than their normal buyers. (but that is changing!)
This would look adorable with a cardi and some boots in the fall!

4. And this dress from Mode Merr is fab!

This would look cute with a white cardigan for Christmas. I love the detail!

5. I love this! 

I can so see myself in this dress from Lane and Bryant! 
Add some red heels or what about a yellow flower or some other bold color!

As you can see from some of my wish list entries I am into the pin up style. There is just something about it that has always caught my eye. Its fun and flirty without being vulgar.  I am just so impatient! I want to reach my goal now! haha.

So what do you all think? 
I hope that everyone has a great day today! And thanks for stopping by!

Until tomorrow!



Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for being a part of our first ever Sassy Friday Party! It is so fun to see everyone's amazing blogs! Sorry, I just found out that my button wasn't working right. So, I've created a new button and you can come over and grab that one instead! :) Have a wonderful weekend and.... DON'T FORGET to sign up for the giveaway if you haven't signed up yet! xoxo

Marni @ Sassy Sites!

Nicole Maki said...

Love the dresses you posted. The pin-up style is such a great look.

Sorry your Thursday was so tough. Hope your weekend is grand :-)

augustalolita said...

these are all such wonderful outfit!! i adore the pencil skirt and the red dress- i agree with the cardi look <3

Fashion Meets Food said...

Heyy girly! Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! You have a new follower!

xo have a fab weekend!

ashleigh said...

Love all the items!!!! I wish Mod Cloth would go a little higher with their sizing!! But Ive found a couple UK online shops that have awesome clothes!!!

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