Thursday, December 29, 2011

hello, are you there?


Do you ever get to that point in a relationship where you are just ready to give up? You keep the phone lines open hoping for a reply. You are always there when that person needs you, but when you need that shoulder to  lean on they are nowhere to be found. You make plans, then plans fall through (to your disappointment) for some reason or another.
Right now, I'm at that point but I really don't want to be there. I hope that maybe its my crazy pregnancy hormones that are making feel like my friend is ignoring me, but the lack of replies show otherwise. I'm sure she is busy, we all get busy, but its not hard to text something and hit send.
I don't know what to think. I love her like a sister and I hate to feel this bit of resentment, but I've needed a friend these last few weeks and I haven't had one. There's only so much the hubs and I can talk about. And when we talk about the things that are on my mind, we just get into a heated discussion. Its not like talking to a girlfriend.

Ugh, sorry for the rant. I'm just feeling overwhelmed by a few things.

Oh and top of that little bit, i have yet to hear back from that job! I am pretty sure I didn't get it. Yeah, not so positive, but its what I'm feeling. I really hope that I hear something back. If this job doesn't pan out, hopefully the job that I interviewed with yesterday pans out. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I really need some good news.

If anyone has an advice for either of these issues please, feel free to comment with it.

I hope you all have a fantastic day! <3


Alice said...

Best of luck for jobs, I know how hard it is and have so many friends desperately hunting for work at the moment. My best advice is to keep in contact with the employer- I've been in my current job a year now, but back after my interview for it she didn't get back to me when she said she would. The day after I phoned her as I was going out of town, and got persistent! I think my evident enthusiasm probably won her over more than the interview itself. Good luck good luck!

Fawn and Flower said...

Pregnancy can be a very lonely time for sure. My biggest problem was that almost all of my friends drink, so if I ever needed to talk or just wanted to hang out and eat supper or go to a movie or something, it was almost impossible to find anybody to do anything with... they acted like they had forgotten I was even pregnant. I remember someone actually told me that I could meet them at the bar they were at if I wanted to talk! Rough stuff. I'm sorry you're going through that. Please holler if you ever need to vent <3

Amylou said...

So sorry dear! I went through that a lot last year and things are just now getting a little better! Feel free to email me if you need to chat. I miss our emails. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!

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