Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wild and Wonderful Adventure Hopes


I am in some desperate need of some adventure. Perhaps a balloon ride or sky diving (Yeah right! The hubs would never be down for that. He's not a fan of heights!) Maybe a nice wild ride on the white rapids of wild and wonderful West Virginia and a nice romantic camp trip afterwards with the man. Hell yes! I am definitely down for that. I just feel as if I am in a rut with life. I need something to wake me up and get my blood pumping again and it wouldn't hurt to get the fire raging again between the man and I- not that it's extinguished. It's just dwindling down and I know a great adventure will fuel the fire.

Maybe I've been reading too many mystery romance novels. You know the books- the female lead is a strong independent woman who deals with a bit of low self esteem, but refuses to shy away from danger.The male lead is a stubborn man, but sensitive man (most of the time he surprises himself with that quality) with a six pack and a knack at facing danger and kicking ass.  Of course, all the kicking ass leads to a bit of smut, but who can blame them? I definitely can't. 
yeah, I'm a romance junkie. 

What adventure are you hoping to embark on soon?


Ashley said...

Could not agree more! Nathan and I have been watching Living Social and Groupon ever since we returned and so far have tickets to a Roller Derby, planetarium, and a castle museum. Nothing too exciting and adventurous, but all new things for us! :]

Rockin' Mama said...

I'd so love a balloon ride! && even if the hubs wasn't up for it I'd do it solo! :)

Erika said...

I feel your pain. I love stuff like that, always wanted to try sky-diving and went on the Free-fall towers at Wonderland (awesome). Sadly, the Labocat suffers from some serious vertigo :(

Amylou said...

oh an adventure sounds nice!
my adventure right now is to just get better, but I am looking forward to our family reunion this summer. It will be a nice little road trip.

Nicole said...

I hear ya girl. Some days I feel like I have lost myself to being a mother and doing everything for my kids. Don't get me wrong I love my kids. But it's nice to get aways with just your significant other and find myself again.

Erin Dawn said...

I agree!!! I've been feeling down lately and I know if I took a little trip somewhere it would really help my spirits. I hope you 2 can sneak away one weekend soon, that would be pretty sweet!

Maegan said...

Does traipsing around the back yard all day, everyday, count as adventure? It sure wears me out.

I'd like to have a day off and go the spa for a massage ... that'd be a good adventure. Some quiet time :)


Bobbi said...

You know, I was born and raised in WV, and have never been on the rapids? Crazy, huh! I would love to do it one day though. I need a vacation from everyone, but we know I can't take a day off. Luckily we go on vacation in 16 days, it should be an interesting one.
Like I've said before, you are always welcome to come to see me, I'm sure it would be fun! Have a good one friend! ♥ BJ

Amie said...

I feel ya!! My boyfriend and I try and go on mini road trips every couple weeks. Really breaks up the day to day routine and woes. Hope you get to adventure soon! :)

Chrissy said...

A hot air balloon ride would be great or even skydiving!
Well, my next huge adventure will be getting this house and family all packed up to move back to Germany! haha
Hugs xxx

Christina said...

Oh! I would LOVE to go on a balloon ride. They are a bit costly. Would be an amazing sight to see. I am going to start saving up to do it. Hopefully by the end of this summer or next spring! :) Hope you get his hubby to do it with you too!

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