Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts wk 6

  • I don't know why I am feeling so blah today. I went to bed last night with a big to-do list and now I just don't feel like doing anything. 
  • This rain is such a downer. I'm scared that my town is going to flood and wash away. Thank goodness I live on one of the highest points in town.
  • I want to fly in a hot air balloon! It would be so much fun, but I doubt my husband would go with me. So anyone else want to join me?
  • I have been addicted to watching Bones on Netflix. Why am I just now falling in love with it?
  • So many great things are going to be happening soon!! I am so excited! 
  • My Etsy shop should be up and running soon! I am working on a few things now for it. I can't wait to share with you all! There will be plenty of made-to-order and ready-to-ship items!! Yay!
  • Not really into the idea of working again tonight. Too many things to do here at the house and of course no time for a nap today or tomorrow. I will definitely be a Zombie tomorrow.
  • Thank you for all your sweet comments about my new hair color! You all are so freaking sweet! 
  • I think I might take a pair of scissors to my hair today and see what I come up with. The thing is I am a bit of a chicken and worried I might take too much off. 
  • I am so angry with myself. I gained like 4 Ibs in the last two weeks. Yuck! I can't believe I did that. Its time to be super strict with my diet now! Boo!
  • I feel / look like a fatty.
  • I need sunshine, I believe that all this rain is just not helping this ugly mood nor my eating habits. 
  • I just love all of you! You all are so kind and wonderful! Thanks for! 

Time to go get started on my to-do list! Have a great day lovelies!


Ashley said...

Don't bet yourself up so badly, love. You're fantastic - flaws and all. The flaws are not nearly as important as what you plan to do about them and maintaining your diet is a wonderful start.

As for the blah mood, maybe you should do something fun, on your to-do list or not. Play a game, create something, bake - whatever it is to just make you smile a bit and get you into productive mode. Works for me most of the time :]

Hope your day gets better! You know how find me if you need to chat :]

Chrissy said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! But I know those days...too well!
Really funny we both picked a pic with hot air balloons! I'd love to join you on that trip, been dying to do that in forever!
have a wonderful day! Love ya! xxx

shah wharton said...

I gotta LOTTA flaws - I am essentially lazy - though the posh word is procrastinator! ;D I like it much better. Well - I say this and I'm not lazy about stuff I like doing - just housework and uninteresting life wasting stuff! But people know this of me - love us or leave us sweetie - that's all there is to remember! Shah .X

Ms. Megan said...

You are beautiful inside and out!! Don't beat yourself up!!!
PS If you still need someone to go up in the hot air balloon with you :: I am so in!!! :)

Ashley said...

It seems like lots of us have the blahs right now. Hopefully this mood clears soon! Have a great day! xo

b. lee said...

always wanted to do the hot air balloon thang too * agree with Ashley ... we are all in need of sPrInG ~ ~ ~ fresh new season * *

Leonuh! said...

Don't be upset lovey! Bad days are horrid :( run yourself a nice bath, add some bubbles amd then put some of your favourite music on! :)

Vanessa said...

cheer up..your a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit..I hope your feeling better today :)

Amylou said...

Seriously! You are a gorgeous lady! Just know I love ya!

I'm soooo excited for your etsy store to open!

Ada said...

Hope you shake those blahs soon. (I bet when the rain stopps, you'll feel a lot better.) I'll look forward to seeing your etsy shop. Sending you some sunshine!

Erin Dawn said...

Hot air balloon! I'd join ya! That would be so much fun! I'm somewhat scared of heights though, haha :p

Very exciting about your Etsy shop! I'm so curious to see what you'll have. I love Etsy waaay too much.

PS...your letter is on its way! :D

Gwiddle said...

OH MY GOODNESS I watched Bones last month on Netflix THE WHOLE SERIES so far.. And I LOVE IT!! Seriously I was so sad when I finished the last episode on there. I love it when Netflix gets a series on there and it is a good one! I need to catch up online with this season! AND Danielle you are not a fatty, you look great<3 I know the feeling though, especially when you have a slight gain. It can make you feel so down on yourself:( But I think you are beautiful just the way you are<3 Sorry you have to work tonight that sucks, I hope the night passes quickly!

-Mallori said...

I gave you an award! You can check it out here:

...with ♥, Amber said...

Its almost Friday! I hope you have a good weekend planned. =)

Missy said...

I LOVE Bones too!!! It helps to have David Boreanz as a lead tho ;-)

Just stopping by from FLOB!

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