Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am a zombie.

I might look like this:

but I feel like this:

No, I don't feel like dancing...I feel like a Zombie!!
(I think I might have nightmares while I sleep today because of all the creepy pictures that I browsed through to convey how I felt. Way too many creepy zombie pictures.) 
(Although, if I were to have a nightmare I wouldn't mind if it were a zombie dream. haha)
I am beyond tired. Midnights just kick my booty! 

I tried and tried all night to finish up the post with the handwriting thingamajig, but I got tired of fighting with the dumb computers at work and gave up. Maybe I will get it up once I wake up from dreamland. 

Oh by the way...
My first post is up on Love Without Training Wheels and I would love it if each of you would go check it out! It's an amazing blog featuring works from so many lovely women! Please, take a moment and head over there and show your love! It's a blog about love. Not just the sappy kind. It's about all the hardships, fun, pleasurable, and live changing moments that love can offer. I really hope that you all take a brief moment to check it out

Check out my post here.

Okay loves, now I am off to climb into my cozy bed where I will sleep the day away. 
Feel free to leave me love notes to wake up to! 
(Love notes of any kind work, a tweet, a comment, an e-mail.)
I do enjoy those oh so much!

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!
much love,

P.S. I just want to thank the lovely Jessica of TART for making me the beautiful header! Its so amazing! Now I am going to redesign the blog around it! <3 Love you Jessica!


Gertrude said...

The picture of you with the red lippie is soo cute!! You look adorable! x

shah wharton said...

Okay - saying hi from the Wandering Hop - I wish I had the energy of one of Thrillers Zombies - think yourself lucky kidda! ;D Shah .X

Ashley said...

Aw, you're so cute! :]

And I love the new layout! I loved the old one, then the new one, but the newest one is super cute.

Hope the rest of your shift went well and you have a lovely day, lady! <3

O. said...

I like the new layout/design.

Chrissy said...

Love the new header! It's gorgeous, just like you!
Will hop on over to see your guest post!! Sleep tight hun! Hugs xxx

Ada said...

Hope those zombie feelings are dispelled soon. (And that you avoid nightmares.) Have a wonderful Sunday!

Heather M said...

I LOVE the new header and the new look, super cute!!! I hope you got lots and lots of peaceful sleep!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!! It's the first time I've been to your blog... and the first time I'm joining in on the 'Comment Love' hop too!! I popped over to your Love without Training Wheels post and had a good read. I love how your hubby was mad enough to travel all that distance just to meet you. Don't you just love it when they do crazy things like that? It makes everything worthwhile!! Oneday I might get to write a post on my blog about how my hubby and I met too... but not for a while cause I've got to think about how to put it into words first!

Thanks for posting!

Gwiddle said...

I love the new header! You look really cute{even when you feel like a zombie} I am going over to check out your cute guest post<3 I hope you have a fantastic day lovely girl. xoxo

Jessica said...

glad you like it sweetie! <3

bebe bird beck said...

Love your hair color in the first picture, cutie!

kimberly rae said...

i love the pic with the red lipstick too! i always want to wear it but i dont think everyone can pull it off! you look great though!

hope you have a great day!

Erin D said...

Sweet! I'm going to check out the your post right now. And your new layout looks great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I've been a zombie today too! I haven't gotten sick all year but today I've slept for almost 14 hours because my body is breaking down on me! Ahh! I have a big pot of coffee waiting for me so I can finish my homework, lol! I hope your naps are good and restful so you don't wake up and find that you are a still in zombie mode. Here's to joining the living! ;)

Slidecutter said... I know that Zombie feeling!

Fell asleep last night with the television on and woke up to a movie that terrifies me; even seeing its name on the cable line-up scares me. "Jeepers Creepers" does me in and I woke up at one of the worst parts, couldn't grab the remote fast enough to shut it off.

I was done after that; 3 a.m., sitting, staring into the dark. Gave up and went to sit at my computer with candles lit all around me.

Gonna head over to read your post, love your new layout!

Enjoy your evening; hopefully no nightmares for either of us!



Ashley said...

You are one lovely zombie! I'm glad you get to get some sleep! xo The header is beautiful! xo

Katie said...

I LOVE IT DANIELLE!! Oh my gosh do I love it. You should share on my Love Stories feature someday (if you'd like too!) Love the pictures & silly faces. You're beautiful my friend!


Vanessa said...

The header looks gorgeous!
I read Jessica's blog too ;)

Have a great day!


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Love the new header and now I feel guilty for tagging you. LOL. But I am excited and can't wait to see it.

Write it in lipstick

Erinsgobragh said...

Lol holy crap woman your the incredible changing blog design blog lol!

Shalyn said...

LOVE the new look, lady- it looks fanstastic and I love all those pictures- you are gorgeous! Going to read your guest post now~

lindsey said...

Iknow what you mean to have lack of sleep. I hope you got caught up!
I got almost 11 hours of sleep Sunday night...It was amazing!

The new header is fabulous. Love it!

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