Monday, February 28, 2011

manic monday mixtape 2-28

Hello lovelies,
Its another dread fabulous Monday! 
Today, I wanted to share with you my all time favorite band.
Meet New Found Glory!
I absolutely adore these boys and their music! 
Their shows are AMAZING!
If you ever get a chance to see them! Do it!!
You won't regret it.
They are just too much fun!
Definitely all about the positivity!!

Who's ready to get their jam on? Anyone? 
If you haven't heard them, please push play! I guarantee you won't regret it. 
(Well, unless you don't like fun!) 
Feel free to listen to the list randomly.
There are just too many great songs to choose just one.
But if you would like a hint as to which songs to listen to, you must check out:
Hold My Hand 
Kiss Me (cover)
The King of Wishful Thinking (cover)
Don't Let Her Pull You Down 
Hit Or Miss

I really hope that you enjoyed today's Manic Monday Mixtape! 
(did you notice I changed the name? It has a better ring to it!)
What band/artist are you currently obsessing over?

Much love,


...with ♥, SB said...

♥ great selection of songs. Now i cant wait to turn this playlist up when I clean my house in the morning.. speakin of which, i need to go to bed!

Kelsey said...

awww NFG brings me back to the old days when I used to rock out to them all the time. I'm currently obsessing over Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros - they both do song mixing and it's so fun to rock out to when I clean the apt, lol. Happy Monday lovie xo

Jen HaHA said...

Just found you on FtLoB's sidebar. I take it you like owls :D I couldn't push play because my mobile won't show that option. I'll try again later.

I'm liking Mumford and Sons lately. Seeing them perform on the Grammys made me realize that. I don't usually watch award shows but I felt like watching the performances this year. I've always liked the sound of banjos.
Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Amylou said...

I wish I could hear it, but sadly I can't on the computer where I'm seeing this, but I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie!

Jen said...

I'm such a music fanatic... thanks for the recommendations!!

Happy Monday Dear! xo

Oh, and pop by & enter my PERFUME GIVEAWAY today!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I like New Found Glory they got some good songs. I am crushing on Weezer. They are not new but they never get old.

Tierney said...

Great selection. The King of Wishful Thinking is one of my alltime favorite songs (and it's great for karaoke too!)

Bobbi said...

Never heard of them before, but they aren't to bad! I hope you have a great week friend! ♥ BJ

taryn said...

f yeah! nfg!

Gwiddle said...

Yay for monday almost being over! I have never actually sat down and listened to a N.F.G. song all the way through. All I really knew of them was that a boy in highschool that had a huge crush on me, wore their band tee. haha. I am going to have to take a listen! Have a lovely evening ♥

Hearthandmade said...

i cant hear it cuz im in the uk and there are restrictions but il sing along anyway. lalallalalaaaaa

Victoria said...

I love that you used New Found Glory this week! It brings me back... oh man. Beau and I still listen to them sometimes, especially their cover albums. I had that Johnny Cash one stuck in my head yesterday "It ain't me, babe, no no no it ain't me" hahaha

oh man....

I want to start doing something like this.... I should really get on that. I've been meaning to highlight my favorite bands for months now!

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