Friday, February 4, 2011

Fab Friends Friday!!

Hey beauties,
Its that time again!! It's Fab Friend Friday w/ For The Love Of Blogs and today I am going to introduce to you a couple of blogs that I absolutely love. 

Please meet Victoria, of Garden Of Eden Designs. She is simply fabulous! She's got great style and an amazing positive attitude. She also has an etsy shop filled with many bright and beautiful things! I seriously love look forward to her postings because she is so inspiring.

This beautiful girl is Kristi from Free To Be Me. She's got such an amazing and loving personality and I find her blog postings so inspiring. This month she is deeming the month of "Love" and she is dedicating each post to someone she loves. I seriously can't find a better way to celebrate such a beautiful month. 

So if you have a chance today please head over and check out these two fabulous beauties!! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful evening! 
I know I sure will because I am heading out to go get me a Monster Margarita! Yum! I can't wait! Its pretty much a fishbowl filled with margarita! Haha.



Chrissy said...

Will hop on over right now!
Thanks for putting my button up - looks great your left sidebar!
Have a wonderful night with your margheritas! I will have one (or maybe even two) as well!
Hugs xxx
Love ya

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I will have to stop by and check these ladies out. But not like oh I am checking you out lady but like oh hi nice to meet you. LOL :)

Heather M said...

Have fun tonight!!! Im going to go check out some new bloggy friends!!! Happy Weekend!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Aw, I will have to stop by their blogs! :)
I hope you have such a wonderful weekend. <3

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Came over through weekend blog hopping! Loving your blog design, very artistic. I see you hate your BlackBerry, I have a BB Curve and although I like it, I do find it a nuisance occasionally when it freezes for not apparent reason. Can take ages to unfreeze and I often have to remove the battery.

Have a great weekend. CJ xx

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