Saturday, January 8, 2011

Silly Face Saturday!!! [hop #1]

Hey Beauties!!!
Today is Silly Face Saturday!!! Woot! Woot!!
I really hope that you all will join me in posting a silly face on your blog and linking up! What a great way to celebrate the weekend! Plus, we all need a bit of silliness in our lives.

1. Link up your blog
2. Copy the button and share the silliness
3. Visit the blog before yours and comment.
4. Enjoy the silliness!

P.S. I hope that you all have a wonderful silly-filled weekend!


b. lee said...

silly face Saturday * cute idea -- I've one stretchy face .. may need to join ya on this!

amylou said...

I linked up friend! Happy Saturday to you!

Hello Again Vintage said...

Hehe you're too cute. And I love your little cat eye. I'm trying to get mine as perfect as yours.

Vic said...

way too cute for me! love it!:) hope you had a marvelous saturday and an even better day today! <3

Kate said...

I am so very sad that I missed this yesterday, but now I have something to look forward to next Saturday! I love making silly faces :)


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