Friday, January 21, 2011

The Currents in my life.

I am totally stealing this from the beautiful Lindsay of scenicglory who grabbed it from another beautiful blogger, Kelsey of Eat, Drink, Be A Tourist. I liked the gist of it so I decided to jump in!

eating/drinking: well I did gulp down half of a Caffeine Free Diet Coke that tasted kind of funny until I realized that it was expired. So now I am back on my jug of water. (But I did manage to take back my half full bottle of soda and the other bottle to the Cafe here at the hospital.)

listening to: my silly friend Tara sound out her Spanish sentence while writing it. I love it. Silly girl got off at 7pm but is just hanging around because she missed my company. haha.

pondering: how much crocheting I am going to get done tonight and what we are going to get to eat for dindin tonight! :D

wearing: a pair of bright pink dickie scrub pants, a black fitted t-shirt with a long purple tank underneath ( I always wear a safety shirt! No crack for me!) and a pair of mustard yellow slip on canvas shoes. I know I don't really match but I like to be colorful!

anticipating: 7am because then I get to go home and snuggle up to my hubs and fall fast asleep!

baking: well, I'm not backing anything but one of my co-workers has a bun in the oven that is due to be done pretty soon! :D Maybe even this weekend! 

reading: crochet patterns and some fabulous blogs that I am following. I am desperate need of a good book! 

loving: My crew that I am working with tonight!!! I love these girls so so much! Also, I love every single one of my wonderful followers! You all are so very sweet and awesome!

buying: well, I did just buy 2 expired Caffeine Free Diet Cokes, but I don't think that counts. I will probably be spending my paycheck over on Etsy tonight! 

I hope that you all have a fabulous night!!! 


DWYHomemaking said...

Hey Positively Positive :) I just stopped by to check your blog out from the slumber party @ Vintage Wanna Bee! Nice to meet you and your lovely blog!

Chrissy said...

Hey, I love these posts! Might have to do one someday!

Have a good night at work and enjoy cuddling up afterward!

Good night pretty!!

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