Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A sick-o sick-y makes for a change of plans.

My poor beautiful little terror was up all night getting sick! Yuck! She got sick twice on our bed thankfully it was just on herself because i think if she would have vomitted on me I would have been getting sick right there with her. Gross! But now I think she is feeling a bit better, thankfully! We were up until 3am last night huddling over a trashcan. Hopefully, we won't have anymore gross outs for the rest of the day.

Lately I have been a crocheting fiend! I have made a couple more of these: 

A couple of kiddie kitty cat hats.
I modified the pattern I shared with you a few days ago so it would fit on a child. 
And I also made the flower into a broach so that it could be taken off or moved.
I was supposed to deliver them today, but those plans had to be changed.

So today my plans include:
1. finish up a couple of Christmas presents.
2. work on a new project w/ tutorial for a guest post I will be doing.
3. Straighten up the house.
4. spice up the blog a bit
5. make Evangelina feel better.
6. give my hubs a giant hug when he gets home.

Yeah...its not a lot but I am sure i will be busy all day long. 
I really hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday! Only 4 more days until Christmas!!! Eeek! Who's excited?!?!


amylou said...

I love the removeable flower idea. Those are way cute!

I sure hope she feels better soon! Poor baby!

flourchild said...

Those are so adorable! I love the colors...and the flowers too.
Hope your little one gets to feeling better and you have a wonderful day!


Vic said...

awww....poor babes! feel better...not a good time to be sick...ick...love the creations! your fabulous my dear! and the new look is stunning...i need to fancy up mine a bit....i have zero time to though-love the plans...wish i was able to swing by!:) love ya lots xoxo

ag. said...

Sounds like you'll be busy enough! Hope your little one gets better soon!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww the hats are soo cute!!!

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