Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching up Friday!

Hey beautiful friends,
 Its Friday- Black Friday! Eek. I don't know who all are braving the cold/crazies out there, but good luck to all of you! I managed to buy one gift with the Black Friday deal- a gift for the hubs- and that was online. haha. I wasn't brave enough this year to go...maybe next year. haha.

I am so sorry for the lack of updates lately. I just couldn't put words to keyboard. I'm sure most of you know how that is. Plus, the start of the week was pretty lousy and I didn't want to have a whole entry full of negativity. So, today I am playing catch up before I get busy with some crocheting. I have been very bad lately and have avoided doing some orders. I have just been super busy getting the house ready for Christmas.

But I first need to say this: I have some of the best friends ever!
My sister- for letting me complain and cry over the silliest things.
My beautiful friend, Kristen- a crafty pal, who encourages me to be blunt and share my feelings. I honestly couldn't get through work without her!
My hubs- who loves me no matter what, even though I can act like a spoiled brat.

It was a battle trying to convince the hubs to let me put up the Christmas tree this week. He didn't understand how important it was to me, but I finally convinced him (only because I used my reward from work to purchase it.) I got a 6ft pre-lit tree because our house is extremely tiny and I'm not sure if my allergies could handle the real thing. I decided to decorate our tree with snowmen. I love them! Plus, my mom gave me tons of Snowmen decoration from PartyLite. I'll have to share pictures soon. After, I got the tree up Evangelina decided to help me decorate it. She is so stinking cute! She loves the tree. Especially, when its all lit up.

This is our first Christmas tree and it will be our first Christmas in our own home.:D

The hubs and I decided to have our little Thanksgiving meal Wednesday evening. I stressed over the turkey all night long Tuesday. I couldn't sleep. I was just so worried that it wouldn't turn out right, but in the end it did. Thanks to my hubby! But seriously, who would have thought poultry could stress someone out so much! The rest of the meal was wonderful! It was just perfect for our first Thanksgiving meal prepared by the two of us!  (This year is definitely filled with a lot of firsts.)

Yesterday, we had a Thanksgiving lunch with my stepfather's family. It was delicious and after that the hubs and I came home and vegged out since I got a VTO from work. I couldn't go to my grandma's with my daughter and mother because I had to have phone service just in case they called me in and my granny lives in the boonies.  I spent the evening searching for the perfect gifts online and drying my eyes constantly. I wasn't crying, my eyes were just watering like crazy. Stupid allergies! I was a serious mess. I ended going to bed with a headache and waking up with one! Yuck.

I really hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned! If you are out shopping or traveling! Be safe!
Take care beautiful friends!


Vic said...

honey...stop stressing...damn....ur stressing me out reading this! i'm glad you put the tree up...tell him everyone does this early! it's looking magnificent and i hope to see more photos...i'm such a poop blogger lately too! it's the season...spend with the fam and forget everything else! i'm wishing you the best of everything and you can always chat with me:) xoxo

Mandy said...

What a great photo! We started putting up our decor this past weekend too, so you're not alone. :)


amylou said...

Yay for firsts! especially when they involve Christmas trees! Hope your monday went well sweet girl!

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