Monday, October 18, 2010

Music and Memories Monday!

Its really sad when I can't sleep because all I keep worrying about is what I am going to write about on today's blog post. Or it might have been because the little bed monster kept kicking and kneeing me in the back. Luckily, this morning while I was doing my normal blog crawl I found a wonderful idea from the very beautiful Danielle @ Sometimes sweet and I knew I had to follow her lead
Music has alway been my solid place. I have always turned to music for inspiration and for an outlet. Growing up my favorite class of the day always involved music and my favorite thing about church was always the music. I could always find the inspiration and learn more from the music than lectures or bookwork.
Today, I am going to share a few songs that all come with a special memory and hold a place in my heart. So sit back and relax or dance if you'd like, but I hope that you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy writing it.

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1. This song is an oldie and a goodie. Don McLean was among one of the few singers/songwriters that we jammed out to during our many road trips growing up. My dad has a great ear for music and he passed that along to my sister and I at a very young age. This song has several memories and most of them include my dad, but this one that I have decided to share with you is kind of embarrassing. My dad is a K-9 officer and he did his training up in Freemont, Ohio and every year they have an annual picnic for the handlers and their families. We decided to go and join in the festivities. There was a lot of fun things to do and one of them was karaoke. Now, I love to sing, but I am pretty shy about it. My dad begged me to sing so I gathered my courage and picked Don McLean's "American Pie" for my dad. The melody started and when it came time for me to sing the first note I sang, but it was off key and I got so embarrassed that I ran off the stage crying. Haha. It honestly wouldn't have been that bad, but there was a crowd of drunken cops wearing bras on their head laughing and it just fueled the embarrassment. haha. I haven't stepped up and sang karaoke since. 

2. This song is also and ode to my family and our road trips. Queen was another one of our favorites to listen to during this long couped up rides. This song in particular goes out to my step mother. Anytime this song came on she would sing out- loud and off key!  So anytime I hear this song, I think of her. Plus, she always said this song was totally written about her. haha. 

3. Oh the Backstreet Boys, the first love of my life. I was such a teeny bopper!  I particularly love this song because I can remember plenty of dance parties at my childhood bff's house. We both had the All Access Pass Backstreet Boys VHS and this was our favorite part of the video! We would turn it up loud and dance along with the boys until we were too exhausted to move again. Nick Carter was her fave, but my first favorite was Brian Littrell and then I fell in love with AJ McLean! I loved the bad boy image and the tattoos! haha. 

4. I love bluegrass music there is something so beautiful about it. This song is quite beautiful and reminds me of my Grandpa and my dad. My sister and I used to sing duets together all the time. She really wasn't much for singing, but I would take the lead and she would follow. My dad loved this song and always said my Grandpa would. So for a father's day tribute my sister and I practiced this song over and over, then, we got a family friend to play the banjo for us. We sang this song for our church's Father's Day celebration and it was a big hit. My Grandpa was sick at the time and soon passed from his illness. So my Grandma asked my sister and I to sing this at his funeral and I knew while singing it that he was smiling down on us.

5. Okay, now if you have not listened to any of the songs you must listen to this song! "Rubbernecker" by The Danielson Familie. This song is quite striking. This song reminds me of my cousin Brendan and how he loved when I would bring over some new music for him to check out. He fell in love with this group and we would listen to it every time we hung out for months after. My sweet sweet baby cousin, haha, now he is 20 and busy with his friends, but on occasion he will still ask if I have any other great music to send his way.

6. This song is in dedication to a friend that I always managed to get into trouble with. It was the summer right after graduation from high school and my friend and I were invited to go to a Christian music festival called Purple Door in Lewisberry, Pa. We had a bunch of other friends going, but we wanted to make this our little adventure. So instead of riding in a van-full of our friends driven by parents we took a little Honda Civic and made the trip ourselves. We made it there safely and stayed with some friends that lived up there. The festival was amazing, besides the fact all my friends left me at the HM stage so that they could go see Relient K and I couldn't find them for hours after, but it ended on a good note. My friend wanted to leave that night so we packed the car and started our 6 hour drive back to Marietta. I drove most of the way because I was off the following day, but I couldn't keep my eyes open and I missed our exit on the turnpike. When we ran out of turnpike we didn't have enough money to pay the toll and then we were out of gas. So we were stranded at a BP outside of Pittsburgh. A sweet employee took notice of our situation and fueled up our vehicle and gave us some coffee. It was one of the most generous things I have ever received. 

7. This song reminds me of another one of my friends and all of our little adventures. This song was a favorite of ours. Actually the whole CD was. Punk Goes Pop was pretty much worn out when I retired the album from my car. 

8. My hubby has everything to do with this next song. It is by one of his favorite bands and this band was playing in Pittsburgh the week after he came to Ohio to see me. It was our first show that we went to together. Anytime Down To Nothing is playing you will find me husband dancing and singing along. 

9. Okay, this next song is old school and goes out to a very dear friend of my hubs and myself. I was introduced to Fat Boys by this friend and fell in love to their fun rhymes. This friend of ours also has some great rhymes (check it out) and I miss this guys great energy. We had many fun movie nights which all ended up with him falling asleep on the floor with a Coke in his hand. haha. The hubs and I have not found a great friend like him since moving back to Ohio, but maybe that's because he is irreplaceable. 

10. Many of you know that New Found Glory is one of my all time favorite bands so most of their songs hold a special place in my heart, but this one in particular reminds me of how much I adore my hubs. I love him so much. 

11. So, this last song is another for the hubs. He has such an eclectic ear, but that's what makes him so wonderful. He pretty much drove me crazy with this group; Herman's Hermits. This song brings a smile to my face because I can always picture my hubs face when he found this CD for only $5. He was so excited and he couldn't wait to get back to the car to listen to it. I love how the little things can excite him so much!

Phew....that was long, but it was a lot of fun! I could totally add a bazillion more songs, but I will save that for another day. I really hope that you all have a fabulous day. I think that Evangelina and I are going to go get our craft on. I wonder what we are going to work on today. hmmm?

Take care beauties!


Vic said...

bahahahaha....can i just tell you that i clicked the Rubbernecker song and My daughter is home sick today...she's sitting at the coffee table, and shouted "HIT IT CHRIS"'s all I can say! haha.....forgot everything else i was going to say! lol

ur tabs look fab...i need to figure them out:)enjoy the day!

posidanielle said...

haha! See you totally understand why I love this song! Evangelina was dancing to it! It was wonderful!
I found a great tutorial for the tabs here:

amylou said...

love love Alison Krauss and Queen!

amylou said...

p.s. I emailed you back girlie. Just thought I would tell you one here in case you haven't seen it. =)

the perfect pear said...

Hey Danielle! just got your comment! :) to answer your question, it isnt to late at all! you can sign up whenever!I'll be doing yours on thursday! hows that sounds. Feel free to email me if theres anything you want me to say about you or your blog!
theperfectpearpair AT gmail DOT com

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