Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lazy days, web cam fun and 25??

It has been one of those lazy days. I just don't have an energy to do anything...that's right, nothing....not even crafts!!! That's crazy, right?!
So today Evangelina and I have just played here at the house. She spent most of the morning coloring while I browsed the internet and then we cuddled a bit and then we walked down to PopPop's house and visited him for a bit. Then we came back home and had some fun.

Web Cam Fun!!!

I love my little terror!

Silly family time!

We're in love.

Meet Blackie. She was jealous. 
So I decided to be nice and get some pictures with her.
She is my cuddle bug when Evangelina decides to neglect me.

A big thanks to Jessica from TART for sharing this awesome photobooth with me. 
It has definitely kept us entertained today. 

Now, I must depart and go start dinner. I am being naughty today and making spaghetti for dinner. Okay, so not horribly bad considering that I will be using whole wheat pasta, but worse than I have been. 

T-tw-twenty Five????
Oh and have I mentioned that i have lost 25 lbs in the past 2 months?!?! This diet is great, but I can definitely say that I could really go for a large bowl of ice cream and a bunch of mashed potatoes! (not together. yuck!)
Curse you hyperinsulinemia!! Curse you delicious foods that are packed with scrumptious delights that I cannot have! 

Have a great evening lovelies!<3


amylou said...

awww cute photos! Congrat on 25! That is awesome! Way to go girl!

Vic said...

wow that's great....i love the photo booth pics....i will have to check it out:) keep doing what your doing...i need a boost again...i tend to fall back sometimes:) enjoy the day

Ladii Aponte said...

Lol funny pics I have so many with My LO none with the mr dont wanna ruin My Macbook lol

Oh YAY congrats on your 25 lbs! Lucky ass! well lets hope im as lucky as you are You are still gorgeous! But i know how you feel about the weight!

Jessica said...

so fun!

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